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An opportunity to try Benefit on the cheap!

Hey ladies (and gents). Today is dragging and I was sort of at a loss as to what I would post about…that is until I made my daily Sephora visit and saw that they are running a fun, limited time offer!

They are selling a little Benefit sampler for $10. Frequent readers know that I have a special place in my heart for Benefit. I know I’ve turned a lot of people onto “That Gal” primer (check my INAUGURAL post on it!). This is a great opportunity to trial a few things and see what you like. I am sure they’ve got this in store too if you don’t want to order online.  The sampler includes That Gal primer, Posietint (lip & cheek stain), Some Kind of Gorgeous (faux foundation) and High Beam highlighter. It’s definitely a good value, and its a great low risk way to find products you like. Plus if you order online you get three additional free samples. What’s not to love?

Click here to get it online!

What better to complement the new raspberry souffle on your face?

So if you trust – and you snag yourself some “That Gal” – you must also try the “Hello Flawless” powder to accompany it. The name really says it all – my face looks porcelain when I wear this. It also has an SPF for all the good girls who take care of their skin! If you are just trying this product for the first time I would recommend going to a store location to get matched up with the right shade. Nobody wants a creepy makeup line around the face, that’s a no- go.

Hello Flawless face powder with SPF – Benefit Cosmetics, $35~

Hello Flawless