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Pretty little things

Numero deuce of my new little series! I fell in love with Dogeared’s delicate and inspirational necklaces over the summer when I got one for a close girl friend who was getting married and moving away two weeks later. They are the sweetest. They’ve since become a gift favorite of mine. I find them especially nice as I do sometimes have a hard time being a sap, and the statement card that accompanies the necklace says it all so eloquently for you!

There is one for every occasion. I think these would be the best bridesmaid gifts! Too bad I got married before I discovered these. Oh well, water under the bridge (hey, it wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t include one cliché phrase!).

Nordstrom carries these but the selection is limited. The Dogeared website has hundreds to choose from. They also have some beautiful earrings and necklaces. Check it out next time you are looking for a sentimental gift for someone you love. Or, if you are looking for a new pretty little thing to adorn your neck!

Click below to get your own:


You may recall my tirade on Leggings Bum a month or so back. Well. you can only imagine the rage that ensued when I was confronted with THIS image when walking into H&M… HORRIFIC! This elevates the threat  of leggings bum to a whole new level. There are no secrets to be kept when wearing this heinous monstrosity that calls itself a pair of pants. The only two people who could possibly get away with wearing these are Juliette Lewis while she’s on stage with her rock band OR Blanche Devereaux. I curse H&M for even making me look at these. When I look at these, I get the same sensation of nails running down a chalk board. GIRLS – DON”T DO IT!

The offending item:

And the only two women on this earth who should be sporting them :

Spring has not sprung, but lets just pretend

Today is unseasonably warm in Boston (it was 50 degrees on my porch this a.m.) and I happened upon an ad for Essie’s new spring line on the train whilst reading my In Style mag this morning which gave me a flutter of spring fever! Yes, I know its two months away but I will take any little sign its coming. I am completely intrigued by this new line, “The Art of Spring” – ESPECIALLY van d’go and pop art pink. I am not sure if these are in salon’s yet but you best be thinking I will look for it when I go for a mani on Saturday. Has anyone tried these yet? If so, let us know what you think!

(Van d’go and pop art pink, respectively. Images courtesy of


I finally bit the bullet this morning and ordered Trish McEvoy #9! I am beyond excited. Isn’t it amazing what a little perfume purchase can do for your mood? My Pink Sugar is just about to run out and since I’ve been obsessed with this Trish fragrance for months now (see my previous post on it!) I decided it’s time to smell like something other than a cupcake for a little.  I will always have my Pink Sugar to fall back on but it never hurts to spice things up!!!

Pretty little things

In my new quest to post more often I dug deep into the realms of my pea brain and discovered that I can post more often and just not as lengthy and VOILA! More posts, more Go Gorgeous to love.  One of my new ideas is to share the pretty little things that make me every so happy. It doesn’t always have to be about products. I am starting to diversify!

Today’s pretty little thing? Fresh cut flowers in the boudoir.  There is nothing more glam or romantic. It also makes the room feel so much warmer and more inviting. 

Yes, this is my actual bedroom. I am a huge fan of fresh-cut flowers in general as I think they are just so gorgeous! And you can do this on a budget, you don’t have to spend $50 a week at Winston’s to achieve this.

I usually hit up Trader Joes, they have a great selection on the cheap. Lots of exotic stuff that you won’t find in most grocery store floral sections.  I also have a guy who sells flowers in the financial district in Boston. He’s my summer street vendor for flowers. I get stunning flowers from him for under $15 and they last forever. He usually hooks me up with a few freebies here and there for my faithful visits each week. 

Get some flowers for yourselves this weekend ladies & enjoy! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face each time you walk in the door. And for fellas who may read this – get your gal some beautiful flowers for no reason this weekend – this will get you points for miles. There is nothing better than a guy who gets you flowers “just because”.

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And I promise, if you subscribe, I will be better about my posting! I let too much time lapse and I am sure that is annoying to people who come often. Gotta keep this blog factory in bid’ness yo.

Bangs – hit ’em or quit ’em

I have been having this debate inside my head for a good six months now. I have been sporting bangs for quite some time and for the most part, I really like them. They do come with some serious baggage though.

I will start with the Cons first –

  • My hair grows so fast that within 3 weeks they are overgrown. They look fine but they start to get into my eyes and irritate me. This means more visits to the salon. Even though a bang trim is free, its a 20 minute drive and another thing on my to do list
  • I have a face lotion / grease conundrum. Do I not apply lotion to my forehead so my bangs do not get greasy? Or do I have perfect bangs but not do my daily age prevention regimen? I have found a trick for this HOWEVER lets save that for another post
  • Bangs make your face look rounder. Its just a fact. I happen to have an oval shape face which is good – but when you are carrying a few extra pounds as I am right n0w (sigh…..) you do not need anymore help in the fat face department
  • My husband doesn’t like them. This is a con but certainly not a deal breaker – as I am a woman on a mission. It’s my head, my hair and my face. I do take his feelings into consideration but for now – Bangs: 2; Ryan: 0
  • THEY TAKE FOREVERE TO GROW OUT! And they look awkward and mullet-y as they do so

Now for the Pros –

  • I think they are dead sexy, and they are super trend-o. They are really complimenting my style right now
  • They give your ‘do a sense of purpose – its a very specific cut and style. It makes styling very simple and you feel more coiffed having them. When I dont have them my hair is just chilling out and feeling a bit plain. I feel far from plain with my bangs
  • I get compliments out the waaaazoo when I first get them cut. Virtually everyone I run into comments on how much they like them (except my husband, poop)
  • They turn a ponytail from boooring to banging (pun intended). I really love ponies with bangs. Such a cute combo and totally going out appropriate

So based on sheer math, bangs lose.  I really do like them but I am a hair chameleon. I actually just spent time looking for a pic without bangs and realized that goes back almost to my wedding. Therefore I do think I will grow the suckers out. I just cut them last week so my impatience may win out but I do think I want to go for the change. What do you think?

With bangs (and Rybo) ~