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Not surprising! Spring part deux

What’s not surprising?  That my friend Liz and I were both posting about spring outfits today without knowing it. We are on the same mental wavelength when it comes to clothes, and at times un-intentionally come to work looking like twinsies. She put together another adorable spring look that I lurve and want. Check it out below, and click here to read more on

Spring-y thingies

This 60 degree weather today has me obsessing over spring shopping, spring colors, warm weather, fun makeup and cocktails al fresco!  I am technically not supposed to be shopping, so I web window shopped tonight. Here’s the outfit I came up with – a smattering of adorable season appropriate items from my fave sites:

Aren’t these items TDF? Oh how I want thee.  I even have a makeup look I would wear. Dewy, fresh and light of course. Given that I am not allowed to shop if  I am ever going to get a beautiful house on the ocean someday, I will refrain from pulling the trigger on these gorgeous pieces. A  gal can dream though, right? If you like and want to check them out for yourself, click below!

Trina Turk Bellflower Cardigan – Nordstrom

Joe’s Jeans – Kicker Cuff Stretch Denim Capris – Nordstrom

Beyond Vintage Flower Lace Top – Piperlime

 Mark Jacobs Petal to the Metal Bag – Piperlime

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Wedges – Piperlime

Juicy Couture Multi Flower Hoops – Nordstrom