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On my “It” list

Yep, you all know IĀ adore Dior. Who doesn’t? I am pining for this gloss – what’s not to love? And what’s more fitting for Spring then a super femme pinky-gloss with an SPF.

Click here to get it at Sephora

Count-down to next paycheck! I blew my slush fund already on an ULTRA AMAZING facial at Maison Esthetique in Danvers, Ma. If you are from the area I highly recommend.

What better to complement the new raspberry souffle on your face?

So if you trust – and you snag yourself some “That Gal” – you must also try the “Hello Flawless” powder to accompany it. The name really says it all – my face looks porcelain when I wear this. It also has an SPF for all the good girls who take care of their skin! If you are just trying this product for the first time I would recommend going to a store location to get matched up with the right shade. Nobody wants a creepy makeup line around the face, that’s a no- go.

Hello Flawless face powder with SPF – Benefit Cosmetics, $35~

Hello Flawless