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Are you a wino like me?

If so- there is probably a good chance you are imbibing on some delish reds these days, and prancing around like what one of my girlfriends calls “Captain Grape Tooth”.

There is a very easy solution to this – be prepared! GoSmile has a great little trick for this with its Flashlites product. They are mini handy-dandy whitening “ampoules” (FANCE) that whiten up your teeth and freshen you up in a jiffer.

They are tiny and discrete enough to keep in the smallest of purses. They will run you about $10 a pack. You can get them at a number of places such as Sephora  and Amazon ( click here to get them at Amazon); if you buy a four pack you get one free at GoSmile. Click here to visit

Not all Captain Grape Tooths are on this type of budget, so for a drugstore quick fix, try Colgate Wisps. These are small enough to tote around. I keep a few at my desk  JIC (just in case). You can find these at any major drug store / discount retailer.