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Ahhh feck, I sold my soul to Twitter

And I did it all for you! I have been dragging my feet on signing up because, if I can be honest, Twitter drive me nuts! BUT – I know many of you are prob on Twitter and may find it convenient to keep up with me there. So, I made the leap, sold my soul, and now you can get your daily dose of Go Gorgeous – I’m go_gorgeous_gal.   Click here to view my profile  (its got a case of the sads because the only person following me is my sis, LowbrowJadey, author of the Low Brow Style blog. I do refuse to participate in anything that involves “twit pics” though. I need to draw the line somewhere!

GoGorgeous is big time!

HAHA not really. But, I did buy a domain for my little precious pet last night! Unfortunately some trick from Dubai already owns I have done negotiations on domains with rich oversees  oil magnates and what not and I know they drive a hard bargain. Since this is for fun and not for serious I was more of the $7 a year persuasion for now. So, in addition to finding me here on WordPress, and through my Facebook posts, you can also find me at:

HOORAH! More fun to come later today! Still working out my Twitter issues. I will keep you posted on how that evolves.