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Lincoln Park 2.0

In the vein of Amazon – if you like this you’d love…..(the suspense is killing you, isnt it)…. OPI Black Cherry Chutney!

I was at the cutest nail place ever last night – MiniLuxe on Newbury St. in Boston (more on this later) and as I was meandering around Lincoln Park the woman about to do my nails was extremely aggressively pushing me toward the Black Cherry Chutney. I was really wondering what her deal was and why she wanted me to get it so bad.  It was quite strange really. But, I said whatever, it was a free mani, make this cute yet aggressive little lady happy and try it out.

Well, now I know why she was pushing me so hard. She really did have my best interests at heart. ITS THE BEST! Its one of those colors that has kind of a shiny sheen in the bottle, which I ALWAYS shy away from. This gal knew her stuff.  OPI describes it as a black/red but it does come out deep purple-y/burgundy and has that really dark effect. What I didnt realize is that sheen doesnt make it look tacky – it makes it look extra-laquered once you layer on the top coat. GENIUS!  She told me after my nails were done that most gals who used to go Lincoln Park go Black Cherry Chutney. DUH…why didnt you tell me that when you were creepily insisting I use it?

In any event, she was a mastermind of the mani and my nails look more than fab. If you like Lincoln Park this is a guaranteed winner.  And if you are of the home manicure persuasion, you can get this at Amazon new for $5.25. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Click her to get Black Cherry Chutney at Amazon.