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Dream creme

This is not a pervy post so take your mind right out of that gutter.  It’s all about an innocent and pure hand crème. Since it got cold I have gone crazy trying to find a hand crème. It sounds so simple but it’s really not. You want something that is super moisturizing but doesn’t leave your hands greasy. Unfortunately for me I have bought a few so far that have not worked. I will call out Body Shop because I am so annoyed by their Hemp hand crème. They say its one of their best products – LIES! It sucks – don’t do it!   It’s the very definition of greasy and really doesn’t moisturize at all. I really am unsure what it does to be honest.

I will leave off the other lotions & cremes that didn’t meet the mark because they really didn’t offend me as much as the Body Shop and will focus on the hand crème of my dreams – Arbonne FC5 Ultra-hydrating hand crème.  I was turned onto Arbonne only a short time ago – the products are organic and high quality based on what I’ve tried so far (check out my post on the Awaken Salt scrub).

Anyway, I just started using the hand crème and I cannot get enough of it. It smells great, not too potent and the scent is soft and clean. It certainly does the job in the moisture department- my hands feel like baby skin, no lie. AND it’s not greasy at all. It has a matte feeling quality, if that is even possible. It dries so quickly, right after I put it on I can type away at my desk or driving and my hands aren’t slipping all over the place. I can also touch my hair without making it look like a mangy mess by the end of the day (yep, I am a hair-fusser, I can’t help it, its like a nervous tick).

Anyway – this is guaranteed to please and very much worth a try. They do sell smaller sample sizes if you aren’t ready for the full commitment.  Boston gals- hit me up if you are  interested, I can hook you up with a local consultant. If you aren’t local, you can get it on Amazon too!