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See? I was on to something!

My glamorous cousin Heather sent me this photo she came across from Fashion Week. At first glance you see the Fashion for Haiti line. Look a little closer and you will see none other than…CORAL LIPS! YES! I knew that was going somewhere. I love it. I need it. I have made a pact with my husband though that if I do not spend any money this weekend he will buy me a new swimsuit for our vacation in a few weeks. Tears. But – I will look fab on the beach so I can’t really complain.

Click here to snag yourself a Fashion for Haiti Tee at

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My next experiment

I am very excited for an event next week – one of the companies I work with is hosting a MAC makeover party on Newbury Street.  Wine and makeup – top 10 faves, maybe even top 5.  I am going to seize this opportunity to try on a new look.

What look will I try? Well, I was catching up on my rag mags this morning and I did come across a trend in People Magazine – Tangerine lips. Since I have blue eyes and fair skin I am quite confident I can pull this off. I do find it an odd trend for winter – I would think its more of a spring look as they recommend you pair it with dewy skin and a more neutral eye.  It was also a “trend” last year. Nevertheless I am craving me some tangerine lipstick.

Here is a photo of Alexis Bledel rocking the look, courtesy of Wish me luck!