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Pretty little things

I am having another leisurely day today, just sitting on the couch drinking my iced coffee, blogging, reading mags and such. I saw that this month’s Lucky has a ring just like one I just purchased  a month ago in the “Our Obsessions” section. I have to agree, I am obsessed with this ring! And, I love that I am on the cutting edge. It makes me happy happy.

I got mine at Vis-A-Vis in Nantucket for a mere $40! Its such a delicate yet stunning little number.  The only in Lucky is very similar and has a more hammered look to it, but is equally feminine and sweet. Its  by Robindira Unsworth for $100 if you want to snag yourself one! (click here to go to the site).

Vis-A-Vis doesn’t have my ring on the site, but they have SHA-MAZING jewelry, and tons of gorgeous vintage pieces. If you are an accessory fanatic like moi, you must pay this site a visit (click here to browse).

Pretty little things

Just puttering around online today while I watch my House marathon and came across this lovely confection – I NEED! Lucky for me, my gal pal works for Gap – and gets 50% off at Banana. Add this to the list!

Shopping is a sport!

When I posted about Dogeared about a week ago people went crazy for it! So, in the spirit of sharing, I got an email from Dogeared that during the Superbowl this sunday they will be giving you an extra 20% off – the necklaces retail around $50 bucks so thats a nice little discount for ya! You can either subscribe to their email list or visit the site on Sunday and they will provide the promo code. Funsies!

Click here to read my previous post on Dogeared ~

Pretty little things

Numero deuce of my new little series! I fell in love with Dogeared’s delicate and inspirational necklaces over the summer when I got one for a close girl friend who was getting married and moving away two weeks later. They are the sweetest. They’ve since become a gift favorite of mine. I find them especially nice as I do sometimes have a hard time being a sap, and the statement card that accompanies the necklace says it all so eloquently for you!

There is one for every occasion. I think these would be the best bridesmaid gifts! Too bad I got married before I discovered these. Oh well, water under the bridge (hey, it wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t include one cliché phrase!).

Nordstrom carries these but the selection is limited. The Dogeared website has hundreds to choose from. They also have some beautiful earrings and necklaces. Check it out next time you are looking for a sentimental gift for someone you love. Or, if you are looking for a new pretty little thing to adorn your neck!

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