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This is hilarious and addicting – re: InStyle Makeover

I was a busy bee as I ate my delish sando at my desk today – trying on different ‘do’s and laughing at myself. Caution – this is prob a photo overload, you may not ever want to read my blog again! Trust, I do not love myself, just trying to demonstrate the breadth of looks you can try on with the Instyle Hollywood makeover tool!

You can probably guess who some of these ‘do’s belong to, but in case you cant they are:

1.) Cameron Diaz

2.) Carrie Underwood

3.) Lady Gaga

4.) Gwen Stefani

5.) Hayden Pannetiere

6.) Hillary Duff

7.) Jessica Biel

8.) Julia Roberts

9.) Katie Holmes

10.) Lauren Conrad

11.) Mandy Moore

12.) Mischa Barton

13.) Rachel Bilson

14.) Reese Witherspoon

15.) Sandy Bullock

I have to say that I did learn alot about what I can and cannot pull off today. If I had to choose, I couldnt he he. But, if I had to narrow it down, I would go with:

Cammie D ~

Jessica Biel, per my previous post on this topic ~

And Rachel Bilson ~

Hmmm, am I sensing a color change on the horizon? GRANT WOULD KILL ME! For those of you who are new to the site, Grant is my hairdresser and he will likely refuse to dye my hair brunette due to the crazy meltdown I had last time. What do you think about these looks?


While trolling the interwebs for new things to post about I came across InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys of 2009. One of the items they feature is on my lust list – Dior 5 Colour Palette. It won best shadow. I also saw it featured in one of my rag mags recently as a fave of the celebs

Click here to get it at Sephora ~ $56

The coolest part about the InStyle feature is that you can actually try it on yourself ! They just launched a new hollywood makeover tool where you can upload a photo of yourself and play around with different celeb hair-dos and all sorts of fun makeup. I found that I look best with Jessica Biel hair. Who knew?

Try it out for yourself – its a nifty distraction! I think I may GaGa myself today. I will share the results if its not too scary! Or maybe I should only show it if its scary. I will take one for the team!