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Holiday hotness

I have totally been slacking on my pimping this week with the blog.  Its been so busy at work, it was my birthday, my husband’s birthday, my mom’s birthday and I had a Charity event on Thursday. Just tons going on, which I am sure everyone can related to this time of year! The good news is that my fun Charity event led me to a new gorgeous discovery!

A colleague of mine was sweet enough to take me and my team from work out for mani’s to get dolled up for our event on Thursday. I was rocking a pretty fun look as the invite called for “Creative Black Tie”. I wore a dress with kind of a tutu skirt and a fun, funky, silver sequined head band. I was all black and sparkles so wanted something a little goth & dark on my nails to work with the look.

O.P.I.’s new holiday collection was just what the doctor ordered! I tried Sapphire in the Snow and I absolutely LOOOOOVE IT! In dimly lit settings it just looks glossy and purple-y black, sort of like Lincoln Park. But in the light, you can see its a beautiful deep blue/purple. It’s the perfect little tweak for any gal who likes the dark look and wants to spice it up a bit for the holidays. I will be seriously bummed if this one doesn’t make the cut on an ongoing basis. It’s really that good. I guess I will just have to pray to Santa that it’s an everlasting color, or stock pile some to bring with me for mani’s!


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