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Gorgeous girl crush alert

Before I got to know her, I used to say – whats the big deal about Heidi Klum? Yeah, shes got a slammin’ body and shes beautiful and she can work a catwalk. Well she’s obviously proved that there is a hell of a lot more going on with her than just that! After becomming obsessed with Project Runway and then watching her E! True Hollywood story, I have a bona-fide girl crush on this amazing woman. On top of being GORGEOUS she is smart, funny, business-savvy, loving, creative, a great mother / baby factory to the most darling children, sweet, charming…the list could go on forever. Her marriage to Seal is so cute it hurts. And, her halloween costumes and love for halloween blows my mind – I am too a halloween freak. I think its my favorite day of the year.  

If you are a fan, there is a great article this month in In Style. And obv you can catch her tonight on Project Runway. I know I will be watching!


Sophia Loren was such a hotsie in her day.  And she’s still holding it down at 76 years old! Seriously, what a stunner! Good genes yes, but I bet she takes spectacular care of herself. She’s an original gorgeous gal (hence the O.G.G., not to be confused with an O.G., which is an original gangster says Dr. Dre). Lets bask in her gorgeousness and be inspired!