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If you liked my rants about leggings bum

You will love this site – My friend / cube mate at work shot this over to me and I almost died when I read it. Click the image below to visit this site. I 100% agree with the manifesto stated on the site.

To read more about my hate for inappropriate leggings looks, click the links below or read on through the blog!

My eyes, they burn!

Leggings Bum


You may recall my tirade on Leggings Bum a month or so back. Well. you can only imagine the rage that ensued when I was confronted with THIS image when walking into H&M… HORRIFIC! This elevates the threat  of leggings bum to a whole new level. There are no secrets to be kept when wearing this heinous monstrosity that calls itself a pair of pants. The only two people who could possibly get away with wearing these are Juliette Lewis while she’s on stage with her rock band OR Blanche Devereaux. I curse H&M for even making me look at these. When I look at these, I get the same sensation of nails running down a chalk board. GIRLS – DON”T DO IT!

The offending item:

And the only two women on this earth who should be sporting them :