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The new love of my life

Sorry hubby – I’ve found a new fixation. Have any of you gorgies checked out If I was a dog, my tail would wag so hard and fast when I go to this site. In the words of Shop Style – it’s just like browsing the aisles of the world’s most fabulous stores, but online! You can basically put in what type of piece you are looking for and/or color and it will show you hundreds of options across the interwebs. Or can put in a designer, or a trend (i.e. Statement Jewelry – see below) Crazy! I love technology!


On top of this, the site boasts one of the biggest fashion communities online. Its a place for fashionistas to come together, build and showcase their looks. This is my favorite part of the site – because it’s some hard-core eye candy. I can’t tear myself away sometimes. I want it ALLLLLLLLLL. I seriously feel like foaming at the mouth I love it so much. I have not yet joined the community – but I am SURE my sis, lowbrow Jadey, is all up in that bizznass. (Check her out on Low Brow Style). It’s such a cool way to express yourself – and probably helps channel your inner shopaholic (eek!). I can’t tell if this would be a remedy or a catalyst for my shopping disease.  Especially because the community creators tag all their looks with the brands they are showcasing and link them off to where to get them.  DANGER DANGER! Below are a few adorable looks from the community – you need to pay a visit STAT!  Check out HISTORIE GIRL – she’s got some bomb looks.


Spring-y thingies

This 60 degree weather today has me obsessing over spring shopping, spring colors, warm weather, fun makeup and cocktails al fresco!  I am technically not supposed to be shopping, so I web window shopped tonight. Here’s the outfit I came up with – a smattering of adorable season appropriate items from my fave sites:

Aren’t these items TDF? Oh how I want thee.  I even have a makeup look I would wear. Dewy, fresh and light of course. Given that I am not allowed to shop if  I am ever going to get a beautiful house on the ocean someday, I will refrain from pulling the trigger on these gorgeous pieces. A  gal can dream though, right? If you like and want to check them out for yourself, click below!

Trina Turk Bellflower Cardigan – Nordstrom

Joe’s Jeans – Kicker Cuff Stretch Denim Capris – Nordstrom

Beyond Vintage Flower Lace Top – Piperlime

 Mark Jacobs Petal to the Metal Bag – Piperlime

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Wedges – Piperlime

Juicy Couture Multi Flower Hoops – Nordstrom

If you liked my rants about leggings bum

You will love this site – My friend / cube mate at work shot this over to me and I almost died when I read it. Click the image below to visit this site. I 100% agree with the manifesto stated on the site.

To read more about my hate for inappropriate leggings looks, click the links below or read on through the blog!

My eyes, they burn!

Leggings Bum

Ahhh feck, I sold my soul to Twitter

And I did it all for you! I have been dragging my feet on signing up because, if I can be honest, Twitter drive me nuts! BUT – I know many of you are prob on Twitter and may find it convenient to keep up with me there. So, I made the leap, sold my soul, and now you can get your daily dose of Go Gorgeous – I’m go_gorgeous_gal.   Click here to view my profile  (its got a case of the sads because the only person following me is my sis, LowbrowJadey, author of the Low Brow Style blog. I do refuse to participate in anything that involves “twit pics” though. I need to draw the line somewhere!


You may recall my tirade on Leggings Bum a month or so back. Well. you can only imagine the rage that ensued when I was confronted with THIS image when walking into H&M… HORRIFIC! This elevates the threat  of leggings bum to a whole new level. There are no secrets to be kept when wearing this heinous monstrosity that calls itself a pair of pants. The only two people who could possibly get away with wearing these are Juliette Lewis while she’s on stage with her rock band OR Blanche Devereaux. I curse H&M for even making me look at these. When I look at these, I get the same sensation of nails running down a chalk board. GIRLS – DON”T DO IT!

The offending item:

And the only two women on this earth who should be sporting them :

Spring has not sprung, but lets just pretend

Today is unseasonably warm in Boston (it was 50 degrees on my porch this a.m.) and I happened upon an ad for Essie’s new spring line on the train whilst reading my In Style mag this morning which gave me a flutter of spring fever! Yes, I know its two months away but I will take any little sign its coming. I am completely intrigued by this new line, “The Art of Spring” – ESPECIALLY van d’go and pop art pink. I am not sure if these are in salon’s yet but you best be thinking I will look for it when I go for a mani on Saturday. Has anyone tried these yet? If so, let us know what you think!

(Van d’go and pop art pink, respectively. Images courtesy of

Did you know GoGorgeous delivers?

Sort of… I added a “subscribe” feature so you can get Go Gorgeous freshly pressed in your inbox. I like to cater to you my friends!

Or – if you have a few different blogs you like to follow, I recommend Bloglovin’. It sort of bites Twitter’s style by letting you follow all your fave blogs in one spot.  My every so blog savvy sister Low Brow Jadey turned me onto it of course. You can follow Jade and I there and get your daily dose of fashion, style, beauty and whatever else floats your boat in one place. Loves it.

And I promise, if you subscribe, I will be better about my posting! I let too much time lapse and I am sure that is annoying to people who come often. Gotta keep this blog factory in bid’ness yo.