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Lotion in motion

BLOG BLASPHEMY! Its been days. I am stillllll sick. I am working horrendous hours. I need some gorgeous intervention b/c I look pretty much like I just walked out of a methadone clinic. It’s not good.  I am not being hard on myself though, because this is just a tough patch and soon enough its going to be full spring weather and I will be healthy and happ again.

Today’s post is again about skin care. How do you apply your facial moisturizer? I used to be pretty haphazard about it. Until I realized something. You know when you are getting a facial how the gals tend to put everything on your face in a circular motion? I just thought they were doing that because it feels good. Well apparently it’s because applying the lotion in circular motion stimulates circulation. AH HA! I feel kind of dumb for not realizing this, but nobody is perfect! So I figured I would share my findings in case you are in the dark too. And I just had the most divine facial a few weeks ago at Exhale in Boston…. sooooo worth it if you are in the area!