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A lil fixer-upper

Hey hey ! Hope y’all are doing swell. I am doing great considering the weather and that I started Bootcamp this morning. I am going to be a running machine in no time!! Enough about random shizz…here comes the post!

I bought me a cutesy little Gap ruffle tank a few weeks back which I heart heart heart. I wore it with a new cardi the other day which caused it to get pilly in the pitties. Oh MON DIEU!

Luckily I am a tricky crafty bitch, because I had just the solution for this problem. GIVE IT A SHAVE! Oh yes, I am dead serious. Did you know that a razor will fix your pillies? I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a really expensive garment or super sensitive fabrics – but for a $40 shirt from the Gap, why the eff not? The notion of shaving your shirt will certainly cause a few giggles – but the outcome of the situation proves worthwhile. Plus, who doesnt love a laugh? The proof is in the pudding. My shirt post-shave :

Yep, gorgeous as always. I’ll help you hold it down!