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Product time again – its been too long

If you had to guess – what BRAND DO YOU THINK I LOVE!?

Yep – Benefit again. I really love many of the products. There are some short falls here and there, it’s not perfect. But the products that are good ARE REALLY GOOD. It all comes down to personal taste too so that’s always a factor. For example, I like more dramatic eye shadows. Benefit gives you a softer, dewy look which is great for day/work in my opinion but I like my eyeshadows to be versatile.

So before I go too far on a tangent let’s get back to the focus of this post – Erase Paste. It is a miracle worker. As I’ve mentioned before, I really only use concealer when I don’t have a tan, which is pretty much 3/4 of the year. I hate anything heavy and any feeling that I’ve covered my entire face with something that is sticky and could rub off on my clothing or cute scarves I tend to sport.  The reason I really love this product is because you use it sparingly on areas of concern, but you really don’t need it everywhere.

The main area I use it for is under eye brightening. You can even dab a bit on the side of your nose where the corner of your eyes meet the bridge. This is a little trick I learned that really opens up the face.  It’s also great as a camouflage for any areas that are uneven. I get a bit of redness on my cheeks and have a scar that I use it for – it really covers up everything and it stays – which is hard to say about most products! Of course I top it off with Benefit’s Hello Flawless SPF powder. You do need a powder to set it, otherwise it may not last as long.

You can get it at Sephora, Macy’s or I am sure there are other places but these are my mainstays. Macy’s is a slight bit pricier so I’d personally go with an online purchase at Sephora so you can score some free samples!