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Bangs follow up – then I need to talk about something other than hair!

Sheesh. I am realizing that all I’ve talked about the past few posts is hair and I don’t want to come off as a one trick pony. I did put a little teaser into my last post and I got a comment asking me to divulge my strategy for wearing moisturizer whilst having bangs and not letting them look greasy from rubbing against the lotion all day.

The first most important thing is to make sure you put your moisturizer on as soon as you get out of the shower – allowing for maximum time to absorb before you style da bangs.  I am alllllways in a rush so for me there is usually only a 10 minute drying time between shower and styling.

From there I give my bangs a good blow dry – I blow them up, then side to side, then use my flat brush to give them a little volume by slightly curling the brush under my bags while I blow dry. I finish with a dry hairspray (Paul Mitchell right now – my sister turned me onto it and it’s very light).

Now – the trick is, when you work all day and plan to go out but you think your bangs look kinda EH here’s a good tip. Take a flat brush, sprinkle it with baby powder and run it through your bangs. You will be amazed at how great they look! This works well for the crown too for extra body.  Sometimes this makes your hair a little staticky so I do still finish with a dry hair spray to get rid of any static clingers. I also hear that you can actually run a dryer sheet over your hair to get rid of static but I’ve yet to try this. It makes logical sense though. I will keep you posted if I do attempt to prove / disprove this myth.

There is also a Bumble and Bumble product that is supposed to be amazing.  I haven’t gotten it yet but it’s definitely on the list. Its Bumble and Bumble Hair powder.  They make it in a few different shades to match up with your color. This seems to be a genius idea to me.  It would help out in a pinch in the morning if you oversleep and don’t have time to wash your hair. It also claims to help with volumizing fine hair and aiding those with oily hair. Its also good if you overdo it on product and want to get your hair back to square one and not have it look greasy or too weighted down.

I’ve used several Bumble and Bumble products and been happy with them all so I am sure this one will not disappoint!  Given that I decided to continue on the path with bangs I do think this would be a good investment. My husband may leave me if I spend any more $$ this month on products or things that he would consider frivolous and I would consider a necessity.  Unfortunately this will have to wait until February when I can build the case to purchase a few new products…. WILL I MAKE IT THAT LONG? Happy marriage or gorgeous tresses? Ahh good wifey wins for today.

Bangs – hit ’em or quit ’em

I have been having this debate inside my head for a good six months now. I have been sporting bangs for quite some time and for the most part, I really like them. They do come with some serious baggage though.

I will start with the Cons first –

  • My hair grows so fast that within 3 weeks they are overgrown. They look fine but they start to get into my eyes and irritate me. This means more visits to the salon. Even though a bang trim is free, its a 20 minute drive and another thing on my to do list
  • I have a face lotion / grease conundrum. Do I not apply lotion to my forehead so my bangs do not get greasy? Or do I have perfect bangs but not do my daily age prevention regimen? I have found a trick for this HOWEVER lets save that for another post
  • Bangs make your face look rounder. Its just a fact. I happen to have an oval shape face which is good – but when you are carrying a few extra pounds as I am right n0w (sigh…..) you do not need anymore help in the fat face department
  • My husband doesn’t like them. This is a con but certainly not a deal breaker – as I am a woman on a mission. It’s my head, my hair and my face. I do take his feelings into consideration but for now – Bangs: 2; Ryan: 0
  • THEY TAKE FOREVERE TO GROW OUT! And they look awkward and mullet-y as they do so

Now for the Pros –

  • I think they are dead sexy, and they are super trend-o. They are really complimenting my style right now
  • They give your ‘do a sense of purpose – its a very specific cut and style. It makes styling very simple and you feel more coiffed having them. When I dont have them my hair is just chilling out and feeling a bit plain. I feel far from plain with my bangs
  • I get compliments out the waaaazoo when I first get them cut. Virtually everyone I run into comments on how much they like them (except my husband, poop)
  • They turn a ponytail from boooring to banging (pun intended). I really love ponies with bangs. Such a cute combo and totally going out appropriate

So based on sheer math, bangs lose.  I really do like them but I am a hair chameleon. I actually just spent time looking for a pic without bangs and realized that goes back almost to my wedding. Therefore I do think I will grow the suckers out. I just cut them last week so my impatience may win out but I do think I want to go for the change. What do you think?

With bangs (and Rybo) ~