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Sad face – update to my Arnold Palmer post

Well, I knew there must be more plum mascara out there, and my cube mate Laura just pointed me to YSL’s site, where, TEASES, they have a purple mascara. BUT ITS OUT OF STOCK! Its not anywhere. I looked high and low on the interwebs. I have sad faces right now.  See below for my sad face. YSL is my fave mascara. Blarg. I will continue to stalk this website and keep you posted on any notable findings.  Feel free to share ideas if you have a mascara suggestion for me to try!

I succumbed…

Yep, it’s true. I am wearing jeggings. I tried to shun this trend but it took over me. And might I say, they are effing comfortable!

Don’t get it twisted though, I do not have Jegging bum ( the denim cousin of Legging bum). Long cardi and flats make this office appropriate (at least ad agency appropriate). The business is covered, and for now, we can all live happily in elastic waistband pants land.

An Arnold Palmer

It has been many many weeks since last I posted. I started to lose my mojo. My golden gal LL reminded me to post this weekend so I had to get back in the saddle.  For your viewing pleasure – a new product review!

You know that I am the first person to rave about Benefit. I do it quite frequently. I happened upon the Bad Gal Lash in Plum a few weeks back and I have to say – it falls into the Arnold Palmer category – half and half, comme ci comme ca, metza metz. Here’s why –


  • It makes my green/blue eyes pop
  • Its really fun and different
  • I couldn’t find any other highish-end cosmetic brands that carried a similar color


  • It isn’t very dramatic
  • It doesn’t last very long
  • It smudges all over the place and I look like I have two black eyes in the morning if I forgot to take it off

I tried to find a comparison to do for all y’all but couldn’t find one. I’ve used the blue Dior before and loved it so I guess I am holding it to that bar of colored mascaras. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Will I wear it till its gone? You betcha. Shout if you have any other fun color ideas for me! Anxious to try!

The new love of my life

Sorry hubby – I’ve found a new fixation. Have any of you gorgies checked out If I was a dog, my tail would wag so hard and fast when I go to this site. In the words of Shop Style – it’s just like browsing the aisles of the world’s most fabulous stores, but online! You can basically put in what type of piece you are looking for and/or color and it will show you hundreds of options across the interwebs. Or can put in a designer, or a trend (i.e. Statement Jewelry – see below) Crazy! I love technology!


On top of this, the site boasts one of the biggest fashion communities online. Its a place for fashionistas to come together, build and showcase their looks. This is my favorite part of the site – because it’s some hard-core eye candy. I can’t tear myself away sometimes. I want it ALLLLLLLLLL. I seriously feel like foaming at the mouth I love it so much. I have not yet joined the community – but I am SURE my sis, lowbrow Jadey, is all up in that bizznass. (Check her out on Low Brow Style). It’s such a cool way to express yourself – and probably helps channel your inner shopaholic (eek!). I can’t tell if this would be a remedy or a catalyst for my shopping disease.  Especially because the community creators tag all their looks with the brands they are showcasing and link them off to where to get them.  DANGER DANGER! Below are a few adorable looks from the community – you need to pay a visit STAT!  Check out HISTORIE GIRL – she’s got some bomb looks.


Remember me? This one goes out to Randall-scandal

When I randomly posted about Lionel Richie a few weeks ago, my friend Randi thought I was going to do a throw back post. I wasn’t, but what a great idea! I am EMBARRASED to admit this, but I was OB-SESSED with Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers fragrance in 5th grade. It was life or death – I had to have this, and any other item that had a sunflower pattern on it. I was like a rabid dog. Dear lord. Thank Jebus my taste has matured with my age. I guess this is where it all started though, right? Have to pay homage and give credit where credit is due.  This fragrance is actually still pretty popular on the drugstore circuit. I am sure the smell would bring me back….but given my very attractive state of affairs at that time, I think I will pass!

The benefits of Benefit

Ok, I am Benefit happy lately. I am facing my issues. I had to post, because I finally put my finger on why I love it so much. Almost all of the products I own from Benefit are aimed at creating a naturally gorgeous & flawless look – they are subtle, tricky and in most cases,  it’s not obvious that there is any makeup at all. Its magic, to put it simply. It’s all about discreetly covering your flaws and emphasizing your strong points. I love love love love this brand for this reason. And I am a lunatic but I think in a good way.  Below, all the Benefit products in my cosmetic tool kit :


(I told you, I am coo coo for cosmetics!)  When you find something good, you stick with it. And if you are like me, you scream it from the rooftop. I am not one to hold back my good finds from my good ladies – everyone deserves to know!

Stuck on you

If you are an 80’s child like me, the title of this blog should have maybe evoked some memories of Lionel Richie’s heyday.  (watch it on YouTube) 

Ok, where the heck am I going with this? I had a Benefit ATTACK on Monday. I went with a friend to “consult” on some makeup choices and ended up dropping a hundo myself. A few staples and a few newbies. One of the newbies is….EYECON de-puffing & nourishing eye cream.  

I saw visible results when they put it on me right away, so I snagged it. It appeared to fill in some of the fine lines around my eyes. I couldn’t say no. I don’t know if its just a optical illusion or if its really hydrating but at least cosmetically it looks to be a score.  It got mixed reviews on Sephora, it seems people either love it or hate it. I guess that’s life right?

 Because we went so hog-wild on all our goods we got a shiteload of samples. Today, I am running a test on Stay Don’t Stray primer. Its aim is to hold your shadows & concealers in place. It’s really thick so I was thrown a bit but so far, it’s doing what it claims to do. I put it on under my shadow this morning and it’s still holding strong about 7 hours later. I have to say that’s definitely better than not wearing one. How does this stand up to other primers? Is the stick factor higher with other products? Well… I guess I will just have to keep sampling, don’t you think?

Click here to check them both out on Sephora