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True love

In honor of St. Valentine’s day I will post about true love – for Dior. Sorry hubby, I love you too, but this blog isnt about my sappy love life! As I mentioned in one of my posts a few months ago, I’ve been craving a peachy/coral lip look. I went to Sephora yesterday and tried on about 12 different products. I found a few I really liked, but I LOVED Dior Addict Lip Polish in Glow Expert.

It’s gorgeous, dewy, natural and sexy.  Once I tried I had to buy. My husband was not thrilled to see my sack  o’ Sephora sitting on the kitchen table when I got home yesterday but I explained/rationalized that I am conducting research for the blog!

Plus, I also think about cost per wear. This will surely get me through at least 60 applications, so my cost per wear is a mere 50 cents! See, this is actually a bargain!

Back to the product itself – Sephora says “The light coral tone adds sheer, warm color to lips to give luminosity and glow”. I concur.  It’s also super moisturizing and designed to have runway appeal.

It isn’t as dramatic a coral look I was initially thinking but that didn’t matter once I tried it on. I am thinking I may still get a coral lipstick but I will wait until Spring gets closer. For now, I am rocking the DIOR.

Happy Valentines day all – hope to post more later today on the other scores I got yesterday!!!

Click here to get it at Sephora for $29.50

Best day ever!

Go Gorgeous hit a record high for visits yesterday! Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back for more. It just inspires me to step up my game!

Sephora, I love thee

You know what’s almost as good as finding money you forgot about in your jeans pocket? A $50 Sephora gift card buried deep inside your wallet. SCORE! Life is good today. I must have done something right with the universe.

Now that it’s discovered it’s burning a hole in my pocket. To top it off, I got a sweet Beauty Insider sample offer from Sephora.

 I still havent found my “perfect” moisturizer so this may help me along on my mission (more to come on this and on what I choose to purchase with my no longer buried treasure). If you aren’t a Beauty Insider, ladies, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!

The drought is over!

DAMN SON its been a looong time since I posted. Things have been COO COO with a capital C.  Traveling, work, holiday shopping, holiday parties, holiday hangovers and post-holiday doldrums. I am finally resurfacing. I have SOOOO many ideas for posts – I am going to be a busy bee this week ! More posts to come STAT!

Turkey day strategery

Today I am camped out at Jaho with my laptop all Perez-stylee as my cleaning lady is at my house and would really feel like a big duffel bag (insert lady hygiene product for duffel) if I sat on my lazy ass and watched her clean.  So I popped out to get a mocha on this drizzly day. As I was sitting here I started to think about how best to survive tomorrow so I figured I would blog my stream of consciousness.  I think bullets work best on this one because it’s more of a how to or a what not to do….starting with –

1.) Do not get black out drunk tonight, stumble home and throw up or cry.

I did this one year (about 4 years ago) and ended up on my sister’s doorstep in tears when her upstairs neighbor unknowingly emptied a cooler of melted ice and other spooge on my head, just as her husband opened the door. I was so sick the whole next day and thanksgiving was miserable. I don’t think I held any of the food down, however I sat at the dinner table with my eyes watering and the room spinning and it just wasn’t a bright idea. Not to say don’t go out – I am going to go out tonight and attempt a dignified evening with some of my classy lady friends and put an 11 PM curfew on myself. A buzz is OK – getting FACED = junior varsity. I will save that for the next night!

2.) Wake up refreshed or only mildly hung over and WORK OUT!

This one hurts my soul because I am supposed to be running a race tomorrow a.m. but can’t due to shin splints/stress fracture. I will however go for a walk or hit the gym just for 45 mins to get some cardio in. I’ve been running a race on Turkey day the past few years and I cannot tell you how much better you feel mentally when you over-indulge knowing you worked up a nice sweat in the morning.  Even though it should make you hungrier it helps you eat more reasonably because you think back to the morning and say to yourself “I just ran 5 miles – do I really want that extra piece of pie?”

3.) Resist the temptation to go out in elastotard pants and doll yourself up

Its so easy to just say “eh, just going to my family’s house to sit around and be a fatso” but if you fall into this trap, you are going to end up with a big stomach ache and big regrets tomorrow. If you put in an effort and feel like you look good, you are going to have less of a chance of completely over indulging. I tried to wear tight clothes one year as my food reduction strategy but that wasn’t very good considering I was already uncomfortable even before I ate dinner. I decided I am going to wear my favorite skinny jeans with flats tomorrow and a flowy top. Cute, snug but not tight or too loose. No sweatpants or not trying. You gotta make an effort !


My master plan tomorrow is to drink a lot of wine.  I just bought some Sin Zin and I fully intend to take down one entire bottle.  If I eat too much I wont be able to get a nice buzz so more incentive to keep it mellow on the mashed potatoes !

5.) Make plans after dinner

My plan, even though its not to go far, is to hang out with my siblings and continue the party I started over my turkey drumstick. I fully intend to remove myself from the grazing zone to avoid temptation. Plus, if you make plans, you think about not wanting to be full and have energy to do something later. Its a good deterrent.

6.) Limit the leftovers

If you are having company for the big day, buy some disposable Tupperware and send your guests home with a mini meal tomorrow. DID YOU THINK I WAS GOING TO SAY DISPOSABLE DIAPERS!? If you are going out for turkey day but bringing home, only bring home the good stuff and allow one treat (aka one piece of pie). My strategy is actually to not bring any leftovers home…but I did buy a small turkey that I am going to make Friday with fresh multigrain bread from a local bakery for some healthy sando’s.  Keep the spirit of leftovers alive but make it work for you! Leftovers are so damn good but the holiday season is so indulgent you will enjoy your later holiday meals and parties more if you don’t totally overdo it on Turkey day!

7.) Post Turkey day exercise

Even if you are feeling like a porker, get your butt up and moving. It’s the only way to kick yourself back into reality and not let one day of over-indulgence turn into a whole weekend’s worth. I am going to take a class at my gym to spice it up versus just do the elliptical as I would likely just procrastinate that all day and then not do it.

Now…these are my strategies for today and tomorrow.  Let’s see if I can practice what I preach! If I make 5 out of 7 I think that would be a success. Here’s to hoping!! Have a wonderful turkey day everyone, GOBBLE GOBBLE!

Mademoiselle Vampy Von Sasssy Pants

Since I am feeling a little bit  FUG today,  I am going to go 180 degrees in the other direction and discuss my new  sexy ass lip color.  Most of what I’ve posted so far is really beauty basics/staples. I am a HUGE supporter of letting your natural beauty shine through but here and there you gotta go balls to the wall and just rock something totally out there.  This sounds like a segue to me!

I dressed up as Medusa for Halloween. People were a bit confused by my costume even though I had snakes on my head ( learn your Greek Mythology people). Anyway, my goal was to look gothic but also sexy.  As the history goes, Medusa was once a beautiful young creature who was transformed into a hideous monster as a punishment by Athena for seducing Poseidon. Whoa history lesson! Click here if you want a refresher at Wikipedia- it’s really quite interesting!

So, Medusa had snakes for hair and could turn men to stone. EH. That was a little TOO much. So I went the vamp route and wore all black and took my sassy pants down to M.A.C to find me some dramatic makeup to complete my look. The poor girl at the counter must have been at somewhat of a loss when I walked up in a baseball cap jeans etc. on a Saturday morning (hung-over/partially still drunk again) and asked her to make me look like Medusa. She was a little confused at first but she went with it.  She actually recommended a few items that I could use beyond just my Halloween costume, and I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE them all.  So, you say, DISH –

First, the lipstick. It is so smoking hot. Its called MEDIA – yes, I know, the irony is not lost on me.

Media Lip





M.A.C. Cosmetics MEDIA Satin Lip ~ $14 @ M.A.C locations

The thing that you have to consider when you buy a really bold lip color – you absolutely need lip liner. I have to admit when I think lip liner I think about those steaming hot messes that put a purple line around and nothing else, all meth-face style. It’s a big misconception about lip liner. You just need a shade that is quite close to the lipstick but a touch darker. Line the lip and actually fill it in before putting the lipstick over it. Top off with a gloss if you aren’t digging the matte look. I also find it just evens things out. I lined with M.A.C Currant lip pencil & glossed with this fun, laquery-sparkley gloss –




And I suppose it’s only fair I give you a Medusa pic for enduring this long-winded post! I also wore it out last Friday night b/c I was getting a bit more dressed up than usual. So fun!


Not feeling it today

As you know if you’ve read my previous posts, this blog is all about being your gorgeous self. Well,  so not to be misleading, some days you just don’t feel gorgeous. No particular reason, its just not doing it for you. Today is one of those days for me. I just stood in my closet staring at my clothes this morning as if they would somehow magically match themselves and jump out at me to wear them. I kind of gave up and threw on jeans and a sweater and said EFF it. It was after all a half-holiday which is kind of like an extra casual Friday.

I did try to turn the day around by visiting the “Brow bAHHHH” as us Bostonians may call it. Benefit has a brow bar right outside my office. It’s pure genius. It is in Macy’s so you do have to get over the hump of rando shoppers seeing you getting waxed, but not much bothers me as you will learn.  Plus, the girls there are all so darling. They freshen your makeup while you wait and then afterward they touch you up so your brows aren’t red.  I also love my esthetician, the shape she does is so perfect. Its sculpted but not overly s0. I like a natural brow but I do tend to lean a bit more sculpted than not.  It’s a wonder how much your whole face looks brighter and prettier with perfectly sculpted brows!

This did turn my day around somewhat but I realized I just had to suck up my pride and let my uggo reign for the day and start over tomorrow. The good news is that days like today will give me extra motivation over the next few days to pull myself together, eat healthy, stay hydrated and moisturized and get my lard ass to the gym! Zumba tomorrow night – don’t knock it till you try it!!

Click here to find a brow bar near you! If you are in the Boston area I highly recommend Seanna!

Benefit brow bar