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Bloggery shout out – Fitness4looks

Hi gorgies! Since fellow blogger and friend Judy gave Go Gorgeous a shout out this morning, I thought it only appropriate to send her some love too. Her blog is about running, eating healthy, fitness and losing way the only way that works – the healthy way. She’s adorable and hilarious, so check it out by clicking below !

A public service announcement from GG

Please, if you are even considering a Vera Bradley purchase …

It will save a lot of people’s eyes from hideous, vomitus patterns. Everytime I see one of these bags, my eyes bleed just a little. I am asking that you please stop these visual assaults! For fashion and humanity!

Sad face – update to my Arnold Palmer post

Well, I knew there must be more plum mascara out there, and my cube mate Laura just pointed me to YSL’s site, where, TEASES, they have a purple mascara. BUT ITS OUT OF STOCK! Its not anywhere. I looked high and low on the interwebs. I have sad faces right now.  See below for my sad face. YSL is my fave mascara. Blarg. I will continue to stalk this website and keep you posted on any notable findings.  Feel free to share ideas if you have a mascara suggestion for me to try!

An Arnold Palmer

It has been many many weeks since last I posted. I started to lose my mojo. My golden gal LL reminded me to post this weekend so I had to get back in the saddle.  For your viewing pleasure – a new product review!

You know that I am the first person to rave about Benefit. I do it quite frequently. I happened upon the Bad Gal Lash in Plum a few weeks back and I have to say – it falls into the Arnold Palmer category – half and half, comme ci comme ca, metza metz. Here’s why –


  • It makes my green/blue eyes pop
  • Its really fun and different
  • I couldn’t find any other highish-end cosmetic brands that carried a similar color


  • It isn’t very dramatic
  • It doesn’t last very long
  • It smudges all over the place and I look like I have two black eyes in the morning if I forgot to take it off

I tried to find a comparison to do for all y’all but couldn’t find one. I’ve used the blue Dior before and loved it so I guess I am holding it to that bar of colored mascaras. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Will I wear it till its gone? You betcha. Shout if you have any other fun color ideas for me! Anxious to try!

Dress yourself thin

Not all of us are svelte waifs or have the benefits of good genes. What I do know is that all women should know the  secrets to dressing themselves thin, whatever size they are. I get lots of ideas from What Not to Wear, one of my fave shows. And of course I am really into these little tips and tricks, whether they be beauty or fashion-related. Time just published a piece on how to dress yourself thin. It’s a fun read – and the before / afters are pretty dramatic. I pasted one of the makeovers below.  Check it out by clicking here.

What is most disturbing about my jorts post?

Th most disturbing part about my jorts post is that I am on the Express email list. There. I said it. In my own defense I also have Anthro, Bluefly, Saks, Shopbop and Ruelala emails delivered to my inbox, just saying!

Sad faces – more to come soon!

I have been as elusive as that hairy, snow-loving creature known as the Yeti. I spilled cava on my computer and its fried. And I’ve been sick as a dog. So I have been MIA. More glam beauty tips and posts to come ASAP. In the meantime, you can learn more about the Yeti –