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Lincoln Park 2.0

In the vein of Amazon – if you like this you’d love…..(the suspense is killing you, isnt it)…. OPI Black Cherry Chutney!

I was at the cutest nail place ever last night – MiniLuxe on Newbury St. in Boston (more on this later) and as I was meandering around Lincoln Park the woman about to do my nails was extremely aggressively pushing me toward the Black Cherry Chutney. I was really wondering what her deal was and why she wanted me to get it so bad.  It was quite strange really. But, I said whatever, it was a free mani, make this cute yet aggressive little lady happy and try it out.

Well, now I know why she was pushing me so hard. She really did have my best interests at heart. ITS THE BEST! Its one of those colors that has kind of a shiny sheen in the bottle, which I ALWAYS shy away from. This gal knew her stuff.  OPI describes it as a black/red but it does come out deep purple-y/burgundy and has that really dark effect. What I didnt realize is that sheen doesnt make it look tacky – it makes it look extra-laquered once you layer on the top coat. GENIUS!  She told me after my nails were done that most gals who used to go Lincoln Park go Black Cherry Chutney. DUH…why didnt you tell me that when you were creepily insisting I use it?

In any event, she was a mastermind of the mani and my nails look more than fab. If you like Lincoln Park this is a guaranteed winner.  And if you are of the home manicure persuasion, you can get this at Amazon new for $5.25. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Click her to get Black Cherry Chutney at Amazon.


Look sweet for your sweet

I have slacked again, and for that I am so very sorry! Back to business though. I got home tonight and realized that its T minus 4 days till that oh so special holiday people fear and love in equal parts – Valentines Day. There are so very many dating situations people will encounter this weekend. Whether it be a much-needed date with your partner, an extra special night with a new love, bringing to fruition a hook-up in the making or just a little hanky panky with a stranger – you better be prepared!!!

My whole reason for posting today is that your glamification process should have commenced by now. Valentines Day could be a big night for you – don’t leave any product trials, appointments or preparations until the weekend if you can avoid it. You are just asking for disaster. I am doing a Mario Badescu enzyme mask on my face tonight. Just in case I get red face or I break out, I have a few days to let it return to normalcy. 

This is a hydrating and revitalization mask. You can get this at, Nordi’s AKA Nordstrom and of course my most fave local makeup haunt, Rouge Cosmetics in Salem MA.

The key takeaway here – Rome wasnt built in a day. Get out your scrubs, your lotions, your exfoliators, call your esthetician. Get your glam on now so that come Valentine’s day you are not running around like a crazy person getting yourself ready. That way by Sunday (or Saturday – that’s when I’m celebrating)  you are refreshed, confident, glowing and ready to GO GORGEOUS for your big  night out on the town! Get it now?  Ahhhhh its all coming together.

Bronzer fun time

I figured I would post something about looking tan and healthy and not pasty white today since it’s a mere 5 degrees out there now. Good times!

As with most of the things I post about, I’ve tried LOTS of bronzers over the years. Bare Minerals, Body Shop, MAC, Clinique…the list goes on. The one bronzer that I can really stand by is NARS Highlighting/Bronzer Blush Duo.

The duo includes “Orgasm”  blush, which is peachy/ pink and semi sheer. The Laguna bronzer is my  favorite part though. It really gives you a natural looking all over color versus very severe effects where your face looks a totally different color than your neck.

This duo does last a while. Sometimes I just use the bronzer, sometimes I dust my brush over both and just do a little sweep. When I do really combine them I use the bronzer on the typical highlight areas (cheek bones, chin, nose, forehead, under neck) and then use a blush brush to throw a little Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks.

 I am telling you, its HOT STUFF.  Many other girls find this as amazing as I do – in fact, its got about 700 5-star ratings on It’s universally flattering!

To kick it up a notch for evening / special occasion I put a little luminating cream at the top of my cheekbones before I throw on my NARS. I also dab it in the inner corners of my eyes and along my brow bone. This gives that oh-so-desireable dewy look.  My fave for this is MODELco’s Luminosity. This stuff lasts forever and it makes you glow like a Go Gorgeous gal should!

I pick these up at my favorite local product haunt – Rouge Cosmetics. BUT I realize y’all are coming from lots of  different locales, so I’ve posted links below to where you can snag these at Sephora.

NARS Bronzer/Blush DUO (Orgasm & Laguna)

MODELco Luminosity

Have fun with it!


I finally bit the bullet this morning and ordered Trish McEvoy #9! I am beyond excited. Isn’t it amazing what a little perfume purchase can do for your mood? My Pink Sugar is just about to run out and since I’ve been obsessed with this Trish fragrance for months now (see my previous post on it!) I decided it’s time to smell like something other than a cupcake for a little.  I will always have my Pink Sugar to fall back on but it never hurts to spice things up!!!

Holiday hotness

I have totally been slacking on my pimping this week with the blog.  Its been so busy at work, it was my birthday, my husband’s birthday, my mom’s birthday and I had a Charity event on Thursday. Just tons going on, which I am sure everyone can related to this time of year! The good news is that my fun Charity event led me to a new gorgeous discovery!

A colleague of mine was sweet enough to take me and my team from work out for mani’s to get dolled up for our event on Thursday. I was rocking a pretty fun look as the invite called for “Creative Black Tie”. I wore a dress with kind of a tutu skirt and a fun, funky, silver sequined head band. I was all black and sparkles so wanted something a little goth & dark on my nails to work with the look.

O.P.I.’s new holiday collection was just what the doctor ordered! I tried Sapphire in the Snow and I absolutely LOOOOOVE IT! In dimly lit settings it just looks glossy and purple-y black, sort of like Lincoln Park. But in the light, you can see its a beautiful deep blue/purple. It’s the perfect little tweak for any gal who likes the dark look and wants to spice it up a bit for the holidays. I will be seriously bummed if this one doesn’t make the cut on an ongoing basis. It’s really that good. I guess I will just have to pray to Santa that it’s an everlasting color, or stock pile some to bring with me for mani’s!

My next experiment

I am very excited for an event next week – one of the companies I work with is hosting a MAC makeover party on Newbury Street.  Wine and makeup – top 10 faves, maybe even top 5.  I am going to seize this opportunity to try on a new look.

What look will I try? Well, I was catching up on my rag mags this morning and I did come across a trend in People Magazine – Tangerine lips. Since I have blue eyes and fair skin I am quite confident I can pull this off. I do find it an odd trend for winter – I would think its more of a spring look as they recommend you pair it with dewy skin and a more neutral eye.  It was also a “trend” last year. Nevertheless I am craving me some tangerine lipstick.

Here is a photo of Alexis Bledel rocking the look, courtesy of Wish me luck!