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Stuck on you

If you are an 80’s child like me, the title of this blog should have maybe evoked some memories of Lionel Richie’s heyday.  (watch it on YouTube) 

Ok, where the heck am I going with this? I had a Benefit ATTACK on Monday. I went with a friend to “consult” on some makeup choices and ended up dropping a hundo myself. A few staples and a few newbies. One of the newbies is….EYECON de-puffing & nourishing eye cream.  

I saw visible results when they put it on me right away, so I snagged it. It appeared to fill in some of the fine lines around my eyes. I couldn’t say no. I don’t know if its just a optical illusion or if its really hydrating but at least cosmetically it looks to be a score.  It got mixed reviews on Sephora, it seems people either love it or hate it. I guess that’s life right?

 Because we went so hog-wild on all our goods we got a shiteload of samples. Today, I am running a test on Stay Don’t Stray primer. Its aim is to hold your shadows & concealers in place. It’s really thick so I was thrown a bit but so far, it’s doing what it claims to do. I put it on under my shadow this morning and it’s still holding strong about 7 hours later. I have to say that’s definitely better than not wearing one. How does this stand up to other primers? Is the stick factor higher with other products? Well… I guess I will just have to keep sampling, don’t you think?

Click here to check them both out on Sephora

A lil fixer-upper

Hey hey ! Hope y’all are doing swell. I am doing great considering the weather and that I started Bootcamp this morning. I am going to be a running machine in no time!! Enough about random shizz…here comes the post!

I bought me a cutesy little Gap ruffle tank a few weeks back which I heart heart heart. I wore it with a new cardi the other day which caused it to get pilly in the pitties. Oh MON DIEU!

Luckily I am a tricky crafty bitch, because I had just the solution for this problem. GIVE IT A SHAVE! Oh yes, I am dead serious. Did you know that a razor will fix your pillies? I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a really expensive garment or super sensitive fabrics – but for a $40 shirt from the Gap, why the eff not? The notion of shaving your shirt will certainly cause a few giggles – but the outcome of the situation proves worthwhile. Plus, who doesnt love a laugh? The proof is in the pudding. My shirt post-shave :

Yep, gorgeous as always. I’ll help you hold it down!

Supermodel secrets

Remember a few weeks back, when I posted about Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder? (Click here to read it). Welp, I havent tried it yet – but stylist to the stars Oscar Blandi sells a similar product – Dry Shampoo – at Sephora.  It actually comes in a powder or a spray. They had a trial size spray just screaming out for me to try for a mere $11. I could not resist! And its all I would dreamed it could be! I gave it the ultimate test to be sure.

The day I bought it I had just gone for a run and straight to the mall in my running clothes (gross you may say but whatevs). Anyway, I was very very eager to try it and didn’t want to wait so I sprayed it all over my roots and on my bangs, tousled and brushed my hair and it was like a miracle had just taken place. My hair appeared freshly washed and full of body! I did end up washing my hair right after, for the record. But this does seem like it would be great if you are on a every-other day shampoo schedule to maintain the natural oils in your hair, which is recommended by most stylists but not practical for most people.

The thing that made me most excited is that it has a really volumizing effect and I have zero volume as I was bestowed very thick yet superfine hair.  I am going to try washing my hair earlier in the day on the weekends and using this to give it some va-voom before going out. Its killer. I also have big plans to use it on my hair before I curl it next time to give my roots body before curling so it doesn’t look weighed down at the crown and around my face.  I can see why Oscar Blandi is a fave of the supermodel and celebrity set.  He’s got all these sneaky little tricks up his sleeves! I feel so very honored that he’s decided to share them with us.

Try it at Sephora – trial size starts at $11 ~ / full size retails for $21 ~