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Breathing Life Back Into GoGorgeous

Well, its been almost a year since I last posted. I kind of went off the grid with writing this blog and had in fact thought I was done. From time to time you lovely ladies lament that you wish I was still publishing. Though I found that I should add Sephora to my direct deposit accounts while doing this blog, I do miss it. So I have decided to get after it again and bring back GoGorgeous for reals!

I have some SERIOUS catch up to play, considering the duration in which I’ve gone radio silent and the amount of products I’ve been trying, buying or denying. I’m feeling particularly inspired by this GAWGEOUS day today while in NYC learning the ropes of my new gig. The flowers are in full bloom. My walk to Starbucks at lunch took me down to Rockefeller Plaza where I got to see lots of beautiful red tulips. It got me thinking of my two lips, and my need for a new FRESH lip balm! Im currently at the scrape-out-of-the-tube stage.

I love the Sugar Rose because it give you just enough of a hint of color. It’s also super moisturizing and has an SPF. This is pretty much my standing daytime go to if I am just rocking a normal day and not trying to get too jazzy. At night-time or for going out I layer a little Benefit Ultra Shines in Nude Tude.

It offers up the perfect amount of sass and shine without looking like you are trying too hard.  So if you are like me, and you play up your makeup based on the season, its time to get your two lips over to your fave cosmetics spot and try out a new spring look! Let me know how it goes!

On my “It” list

Yep, you all know I adore Dior. Who doesn’t? I am pining for this gloss – what’s not to love? And what’s more fitting for Spring then a super femme pinky-gloss with an SPF.

Click here to get it at Sephora

Count-down to next paycheck! I blew my slush fund already on an ULTRA AMAZING facial at Maison Esthetique in Danvers, Ma. If you are from the area I highly recommend.

See? I was on to something!

My glamorous cousin Heather sent me this photo she came across from Fashion Week. At first glance you see the Fashion for Haiti line. Look a little closer and you will see none other than…CORAL LIPS! YES! I knew that was going somewhere. I love it. I need it. I have made a pact with my husband though that if I do not spend any money this weekend he will buy me a new swimsuit for our vacation in a few weeks. Tears. But – I will look fab on the beach so I can’t really complain.

Click here to snag yourself a Fashion for Haiti Tee at

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True love

In honor of St. Valentine’s day I will post about true love – for Dior. Sorry hubby, I love you too, but this blog isnt about my sappy love life! As I mentioned in one of my posts a few months ago, I’ve been craving a peachy/coral lip look. I went to Sephora yesterday and tried on about 12 different products. I found a few I really liked, but I LOVED Dior Addict Lip Polish in Glow Expert.

It’s gorgeous, dewy, natural and sexy.  Once I tried I had to buy. My husband was not thrilled to see my sack  o’ Sephora sitting on the kitchen table when I got home yesterday but I explained/rationalized that I am conducting research for the blog!

Plus, I also think about cost per wear. This will surely get me through at least 60 applications, so my cost per wear is a mere 50 cents! See, this is actually a bargain!

Back to the product itself – Sephora says “The light coral tone adds sheer, warm color to lips to give luminosity and glow”. I concur.  It’s also super moisturizing and designed to have runway appeal.

It isn’t as dramatic a coral look I was initially thinking but that didn’t matter once I tried it on. I am thinking I may still get a coral lipstick but I will wait until Spring gets closer. For now, I am rocking the DIOR.

Happy Valentines day all – hope to post more later today on the other scores I got yesterday!!!

Click here to get it at Sephora for $29.50

If I had three things…

I woke up Friday morning with some serious hangover face and a french fry stuck to my fore head. Just kidding about the french fry. I did find one in my car though.  I was slower than Ryan on a Sunday morning and I was running late to catch my train. I could not leave the house looking the way I did so I got crafty and prioritized my makeup. This got me to thinking…if I only had three products I could use, what would they be?


I sincerely believe that no gorgeous gal should leave the house without mascara. There are some women who have amazing lashes. My husband will kill me for writing this – but he has the best eyelashes ever. It’s not even fair. At least if we have a daughter some day there is a chance she will get those. Not many people are blessed with perfect lashes. Adding a bit of mascara in the morning takes all of 30 seconds and it’s just enough to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.  My pick? YSL VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS Luxurious Mascara. Thats a mouthful! It’s the best though. I am a mascara SNOB. My snobbery hits fever pitch with mascara. I was hooked on Diorshow for YEARS until I came across this.  If you need volume, this is a much better choice.  Diorshow is a close second but this baby takes the cake.

Find it at Sephora (photo courtesy of

2. ) Tinted Moisturizer

This serves three purposes. It moisturizes your face and evens out your skin tone without it being obvious you are wearing anything on your skin. And the most important – it has an SPF in it.  All gals should make sure their daily moisturizer carries an SPF. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my favorite tinted moisturizer is Paula Dorf. It’s super lightweight and semi-sheer. It lasts forever too.  I usually just do about a nickel-sized squeeze of it. If you want a slightly heavier coverage apply it with a foundation brush.  This is my go to product in the summertime when I don’t typically wear anything else but a bit of bronzer over it. If I had 1 minute to do my makeup in the morning, this would definitely make the roster.

Paula Dorf Tinted Moisturizer – $38 at 

3.) Tinted lip balm/gloss

You can’t seriously think I would ever recommend leaving the house without perking up the lips? I am a card-carrying lip gloss WHORE. I am not exaggerating when I say I have 7 in my purse right now. I like to layer different looks and colors and textures and it all depends on how I do my eyes or what my mood is that day. I like options, ok?

I do think a little hint of color goes a very long way and if I had to pick one product – it would be Tarte’s 24/7 Lip Sheer with SPF. It is made with all natural ingredients, its extremely moisturizing, its got sunscreen built-in AND it has a really pretty rosy tint that gives your lips a natural looking enhancement.  Sephora carries it in about 10 shades. I am fair with blue eyes and blonde hair so I go with the Sheer Red and the Sheer Coral Peach. It also lasts forever b/c you don’t really need to apply that much.

Tarte 24/7 Sheer at Sephora ~ $14 (what a bargain!)

 TO SUMMARIZE – if I had only three choices of what I could use, its mascara, tinted moisturizer, and tinted balm/gloss.  Even if you are girl who isnt into the makeup thing, I guarantee you would feel like a bazillion bucks if you took 1 minute to throw these on each day – it doesn’t sound like a lot but it does make quite the difference!

My next experiment

I am very excited for an event next week – one of the companies I work with is hosting a MAC makeover party on Newbury Street.  Wine and makeup – top 10 faves, maybe even top 5.  I am going to seize this opportunity to try on a new look.

What look will I try? Well, I was catching up on my rag mags this morning and I did come across a trend in People Magazine – Tangerine lips. Since I have blue eyes and fair skin I am quite confident I can pull this off. I do find it an odd trend for winter – I would think its more of a spring look as they recommend you pair it with dewy skin and a more neutral eye.  It was also a “trend” last year. Nevertheless I am craving me some tangerine lipstick.

Here is a photo of Alexis Bledel rocking the look, courtesy of Wish me luck!