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Shout out for Low Brow Style

My inspiration for this blog was my extraordinarily stylish little sis, author of Low Brow Style. She writes a blog on trendy, edgy, affordable & eclectic fashion that is not only informative but also hilarious. She planted the seed for me and my Go Gorgeous brain child. She’s also given me some shout outs on her end & sent me some traffic so I want to repay the favor!!  She can pull off more daring choices than I, and most everyone has outfit envy when they see her. It’s a good little enterprise us girls have going – fashion & beauty. What a marriage!

Leggings Bum

Weelllllll, I have not been watering my new fern (blog) so its feeling a bit wilted and needs some love. Its time for some blog vomit!!!

I have noticed a new epidemic (may even be a pandemic ) that needs immediate eradication.

It’s a disease known as “leggings bum” – not to be confused with “threatening bum” which I will get to at a later time. For several weeks now I have noticed slender girls rocking boots and leggings with shirts that do not cover their bums. First, the proportions just look all off. I do not want to see anyone at any point in a skin-tight unitard. Period. These girls have great bodies and all – so has nothing to do with that. It just feels WRONG WRONG WRONG to me. The worst part is that some of them are actually on their way into the city which leads me to believe they could potentially be bringing that look into the office – CRINGE!

To be fair, my co-workers and I do have a saying called “No Pants Tuesday” – fill in the blank for whatever day you aren’t wearing pants! The thing is – this is in jest! We do wear leggings and tights to work but we keep it classy people. Bums are covered, proportions are correct. Sometimes we push the line of what qualifies as covering our asses but we surely keep them covered. And all the girls I hang with at work are adorable and are well dressed, and I would tell them if they started to edge toward leggings bum.

So please, if you are going to rock the leggings, no matter how fit you are, balance your look. Its like over-accessorizing – you never want too many. Or showing skin – its either cleave or legs but not both.  If we can all employ these rules I think the world would be a more harmonious place!

Legging Best Practices –

BAD BAD BAD – you need a tunic with these for sure. See how skinny this girl is and these still look awful? Her legs look like turkey drumsticks. DONT EVEN get me started on this trend. I can’t wait for it to go away

Cute and appropriate legging looks:

These looks are from Lucky magazine –

And if you read all the way here – you may find amusement in the fact that unitard is not a true word. Spell check don’t play that. How can bling be a word and unitard not? I digress…