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You can’t win ’em all

As much as I looooove Bliss products, I did come across one that I wasn’t digging. I got a hefty sample of the Naked Body Butter Lite which I tried over the weekend and I’m not feeling it. The upside is its fragrance free and not greasy. But I didn’t like how it smelled and I didn’t find it to be very moisturizing.

Not to fret, I still LOVE my Fabulous Foaming Facewash, Lemon Sage Body Butter and Soapy Sap Body Wash. This is why its important to be brand-agnostic when it comes to your beauty staples as not all products are created equal! Find out what a brand does well and try that versus just taking all the products of that brand for face value. And really read up on what people say about the products & stay on top of bestseller lists! I think thats the best path to a good product investment.

This find will not deter me from continuing to try more Bliss products. I am particularly intrigued by the Blood Orange & White Pepper collection. Sounds funky but quite interesting!

Click the button below to check out more Bliss products at Sephora!

Bronzer fun time

I figured I would post something about looking tan and healthy and not pasty white today since it’s a mere 5 degrees out there now. Good times!

As with most of the things I post about, I’ve tried LOTS of bronzers over the years. Bare Minerals, Body Shop, MAC, Clinique…the list goes on. The one bronzer that I can really stand by is NARS Highlighting/Bronzer Blush Duo.

The duo includes “Orgasm”  blush, which is peachy/ pink and semi sheer. The Laguna bronzer is my  favorite part though. It really gives you a natural looking all over color versus very severe effects where your face looks a totally different color than your neck.

This duo does last a while. Sometimes I just use the bronzer, sometimes I dust my brush over both and just do a little sweep. When I do really combine them I use the bronzer on the typical highlight areas (cheek bones, chin, nose, forehead, under neck) and then use a blush brush to throw a little Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks.

 I am telling you, its HOT STUFF.  Many other girls find this as amazing as I do – in fact, its got about 700 5-star ratings on It’s universally flattering!

To kick it up a notch for evening / special occasion I put a little luminating cream at the top of my cheekbones before I throw on my NARS. I also dab it in the inner corners of my eyes and along my brow bone. This gives that oh-so-desireable dewy look.  My fave for this is MODELco’s Luminosity. This stuff lasts forever and it makes you glow like a Go Gorgeous gal should!

I pick these up at my favorite local product haunt – Rouge Cosmetics. BUT I realize y’all are coming from lots of  different locales, so I’ve posted links below to where you can snag these at Sephora.

NARS Bronzer/Blush DUO (Orgasm & Laguna)

MODELco Luminosity

Have fun with it!

Gorgeous girl crush alert

Before I got to know her, I used to say – whats the big deal about Heidi Klum? Yeah, shes got a slammin’ body and shes beautiful and she can work a catwalk. Well she’s obviously proved that there is a hell of a lot more going on with her than just that! After becomming obsessed with Project Runway and then watching her E! True Hollywood story, I have a bona-fide girl crush on this amazing woman. On top of being GORGEOUS she is smart, funny, business-savvy, loving, creative, a great mother / baby factory to the most darling children, sweet, charming…the list could go on forever. Her marriage to Seal is so cute it hurts. And, her halloween costumes and love for halloween blows my mind – I am too a halloween freak. I think its my favorite day of the year.  

If you are a fan, there is a great article this month in In Style. And obv you can catch her tonight on Project Runway. I know I will be watching!


Sophia Loren was such a hotsie in her day.  And she’s still holding it down at 76 years old! Seriously, what a stunner! Good genes yes, but I bet she takes spectacular care of herself. She’s an original gorgeous gal (hence the O.G.G., not to be confused with an O.G., which is an original gangster says Dr. Dre). Lets bask in her gorgeousness and be inspired!

Are you a wino like me?

If so- there is probably a good chance you are imbibing on some delish reds these days, and prancing around like what one of my girlfriends calls “Captain Grape Tooth”.

There is a very easy solution to this – be prepared! GoSmile has a great little trick for this with its Flashlites product. They are mini handy-dandy whitening “ampoules” (FANCE) that whiten up your teeth and freshen you up in a jiffer.

They are tiny and discrete enough to keep in the smallest of purses. They will run you about $10 a pack. You can get them at a number of places such as Sephora  and Amazon ( click here to get them at Amazon); if you buy a four pack you get one free at GoSmile. Click here to visit

Not all Captain Grape Tooths are on this type of budget, so for a drugstore quick fix, try Colgate Wisps. These are small enough to tote around. I keep a few at my desk  JIC (just in case). You can find these at any major drug store / discount retailer.

Don’t forget!

 I was thinking earlier today as I put on my moisturizer how very important it is to moisturize your neck. Insert rickety old lady voice, substituting “Don’t forget to moisturize your neck” in place of  “Don’t forget to wash behind your ears! ”

 I may sound like a whack job, but I do not have a Madonna-sized plastic surgery budget to work with and right now it’s all about preventive measures! The last thing I want for me and for you gorgeous lasses is to have turkey necks when we are in our 40s and 50s. Or, even fine lines. Gravity is ultimately going to win, but we can stave it off by taking good care of ourselves now! So, if you are making the efforts to apply moisturizer once or twice daily, make sure you get your neck too. It’s sensitive skin and prone to the same effects of aging as your face. I am a paranoid freak when it comes to this stuff but I am hoping all of my ruthless lotion vigilantism pays off for me in the long run!

Spring has not sprung, but lets just pretend

Today is unseasonably warm in Boston (it was 50 degrees on my porch this a.m.) and I happened upon an ad for Essie’s new spring line on the train whilst reading my In Style mag this morning which gave me a flutter of spring fever! Yes, I know its two months away but I will take any little sign its coming. I am completely intrigued by this new line, “The Art of Spring” – ESPECIALLY van d’go and pop art pink. I am not sure if these are in salon’s yet but you best be thinking I will look for it when I go for a mani on Saturday. Has anyone tried these yet? If so, let us know what you think!

(Van d’go and pop art pink, respectively. Images courtesy of