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You can’t win ’em all

As much as I looooove Bliss products, I did come across one that I wasn’t digging. I got a hefty sample of the Naked Body Butter Lite which I tried over the weekend and I’m not feeling it. The upside is its fragrance free and not greasy. But I didn’t like how it smelled and I didn’t find it to be very moisturizing.

Not to fret, I still LOVE my Fabulous Foaming Facewash, Lemon Sage Body Butter and Soapy Sap Body Wash. This is why its important to be brand-agnostic when it comes to your beauty staples as not all products are created equal! Find out what a brand does well and try that versus just taking all the products of that brand for face value. And really read up on what people say about the products & stay on top of bestseller lists! I think thats the best path to a good product investment.

This find will not deter me from continuing to try more Bliss products. I am particularly intrigued by the Blood Orange & White Pepper collection. Sounds funky but quite interesting!

Click the button below to check out more Bliss products at Sephora!

Trish is here!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I got when I found my Trish #9 waiting on my porch when I got home tonight. If I was a lap dog, say a Pomeranian, I probably would have peed a little on the floor. I AM SO PUMPED! I had to spray a little on even though the rest of my night will consist of eating orange sherbet in my yoga pants on the couch with a little Law & Order SVU + Project Runway. IT SMELLS DIVINE! And, it came with a few more fun samples. One of which is Bliss Body Butter Lite. Like I need another reason to spend more $$ with Bliss! Oh well, life could be worse, couldnt it .

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Are you a wino like me?

If so- there is probably a good chance you are imbibing on some delish reds these days, and prancing around like what one of my girlfriends calls “Captain Grape Tooth”.

There is a very easy solution to this – be prepared! GoSmile has a great little trick for this with its Flashlites product. They are mini handy-dandy whitening “ampoules” (FANCE) that whiten up your teeth and freshen you up in a jiffer.

They are tiny and discrete enough to keep in the smallest of purses. They will run you about $10 a pack. You can get them at a number of places such as Sephora  and Amazon ( click here to get them at Amazon); if you buy a four pack you get one free at GoSmile. Click here to visit

Not all Captain Grape Tooths are on this type of budget, so for a drugstore quick fix, try Colgate Wisps. These are small enough to tote around. I keep a few at my desk  JIC (just in case). You can find these at any major drug store / discount retailer.


I finally bit the bullet this morning and ordered Trish McEvoy #9! I am beyond excited. Isn’t it amazing what a little perfume purchase can do for your mood? My Pink Sugar is just about to run out and since I’ve been obsessed with this Trish fragrance for months now (see my previous post on it!) I decided it’s time to smell like something other than a cupcake for a little.  I will always have my Pink Sugar to fall back on but it never hurts to spice things up!!!

Muddy indulgence or muddy mess?

I’ve had an exceptionally rough couple of days. My first instinct is to drink my face off but that will only add to the misery – see, look how much I’ve grown up in just one year! Plus, I already feel like I’ve put on my “winter coat” (the few pounds most people add when the weather gets chilly and you become a shut in) and I don’t need drinking bloat face on top of the winter coat when I am working so hard to shed it!

So, I decided that I would be constructive and do something that would maybe make me feel better and also take my mind off things. What did I decide to do you ask? I am gearing up to try an AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Mud body mask. That was a mouthful…                                                  

Here is the description, plagiarized from AHAVA’s website, because I am too lazy to come up with a witty description at this moment:

” Rich, black mineral mud, harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea, is comprised of layer upon layer of sedimentary clay formed over thousands of years. Captured within is an extremely high concentration of minerals, scientifically proven to be essential in maintaining healthy skin. Ahava Black Mineral Mud works deep to clean, purify and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth, radiant and revitalized.”

If this doesn’t sound like the most luscious, exotic treatment you can do at home I would love to hear what you are doing in your spare time!

My muddy inspiration? I had whole body mud mask treatment when I stayed at Canyon Ranch a few summers ago and I was amazed at how soft and silky my skin felt. It was one of the craziest experiences – someone actually painted it onto me and then covered me in plastic wrap for 15 minutes. Intense! The disappointing part is that I am not a celebrity and I cannot afford to steal away to Canyon Ranch when I have a bad day . The light at the end of the tunnel is that I can certainly swing a four pack of these baiches (read – bitches…long story) for $28!

Just holding the little satchel it comes in relaxes me, it feels very squishy and cool. For all you athletes out there – this is meant to treat sore muscles too, you just heat it up instead of applying it as is.

The only problem with my master plan – I am assuming this will be a messy and complicated application. I don’t even think my bathroom is big enough for me to maneuver this.  BUT I am going to go for it anyway. I will look like a muddy monster in there for about 15 minutes but I am sure my husband has seen scarier things (lets hope so anyway).  I do have a feeling it will be well worth my efforts, and I will report back with my findings tomorrow!

Find it at Amazon ~ $25 for a four-pack

My grown-up Christmas list

I listened to so many GD christmas songs this year I only think in christmas lyrics, hence the blog title. If you’ve read the blog you will know that I had a lot of products on my list this year. I ended up with two things – one of my tried & true’s and a newbie – my Bliss Fabulous foaming face wash AND Philosophy Eye Hope – YIPPEEEE! My husband was “smaaaht” (Boston-speak for smart) enough to get me the industrial sized face wash. I am also SOO very excited for my Eye Hope. I only started using it Christmas morning so the jury is still out BUT I am going to do it twice a day and see what’s what in a few weeks.

I also had Philosophy Hope in A Jar on my list, but I didn’t get it. I am A-OK with that though, because as a Sephora Beauty Insider, I just got a fatty sample of Clarins Extra Firming Day Creme

Shopping for others at is the gift that keeps on giving if you are a Beauty Insider.  For example, the Clarins sample I got was little over an ounce of day creme. 1.7 Oz. retails for $78… so do the math. That’s about $40 bucks worth of high-end face creme for all my hard work shopping for me and my lovely lady friends!

So far, I really like the Clarins face creme.  It’s technically for women over 40 – which I am about a decade away from.  I don’t see the harm in using it at this stage. I will have to ask my esthetician next time I go. If it reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, and its free – it’s for me!

So back to my christmas scores – my sister got me Benefit Sugar Bomb. It’s a really pretty blush that combines four different colors.  My skin is quite pale right now and it gives me just a little hint of peachy-rosiness.  Note to gals who are looking for a very aggressive blush/bronzer – this isn’t it. It’s very sheer – so I do a bit of bronzer on cheek bones, forehead, chin, under chin for contour and forehead and then dust this on the apples of my cheeks and along my cheekbones. Perfection! My love for Benefit is a well established fact at this point.

AND THEN – it only gets better! One of the gals on my team got me Arbonne’s Awaken Sea Salt Scrub.

I automatically liked it because it smells like sugary-citrus. That is my favorite bath/shower scent because its sweet and fresh.  I have used the scrub twice so far and my face feels great afterward. I figure a few times a week will be plenty, and it will make the product last longer! I am so smart.

Finally – I also scored a $50 Sephora gift card, which I obviously ALREADY used. It was burning a hole in my pocket! I was tempted to grab Philosophy Hope in a Jar but I was all out of my most favorite product, Benefit That Gal. I am also running low on my YSL mascara so I decided to use it to stock up on my staples.

All in all – a VERY successful holiday as it relates to furthering my beautification.   My skin better look hottsie tottsie after all these products and treatments! There is one little leftover product I have been pining away for since October that I am going to have to pick up in the next few days – Trish McEvoy Blackberry & Vanilla fragrance. Luckily I have a little bit of Pink Sugar left to carry me through. Even though its my signature scent I am going to go off the grid and rock some Trish for a bit and see how I like it!

I smell like a cupcake

I do. Well, most of the time. It’s because on most days I am wearing Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Sephora describes the style of this perfume as “playful, mischievous, romantic” which I would agree with.  The dominant notes are vanilla and caramel but not in the Victoria’s secret neighborhood. Much less obvious. It’s definitely one of my favorite scents. I’ve been wearing it for the better part of four years, although in the summer I sometimes switch to something a bit more citrus-y. The bottle I am currently using must be extra potent because people have been commenting a lot on how good it smells. It has staying power but doesn’t gag you while you are wearing it like a lot of perfumes do.  I have some breathing issues and it’s never made my asthma act up.

Where do I get it? Well I was getting it at Sephora – but they also normally carry it at Nordstrom Rack which saves a couple of bucks.  They have a little purse sized roll-on version too which would be a great little stocking stuffer for a friend, sister, girlfriend/wifey who has a fun, flirty and girly personality. I am hoping to find one in my stocking too!