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Going off the grid

Sorry in advance, but you are getting another mascara post, and you are going to LIKE IT! My YSL mascara is near the very bottom, and you know how I feel about Benefit’s That Gal. So… I was in a state of mind that was easily persuade-able. One of my friends read the Benefit post and let me in on her ittle little secret – Cover Girl ! I am a huge drug store makeup snot. As you’ve probably noticed. I was open and willing to try it though. And was pleased with the results. The Lash Blast Luxe has a bit of shimmer and color. I got the Black Emerald. It’s very subtle in terms of color, but the brush was great, and my lashes look long and voluminous. It’s about $8 bucks, so for those on a money diet ( I need to start one STAT) this is a great economical choice.  It comes in four different tints. Hope you likes!

I am a drugstore cosmetic snot…BUT….

I have to say, I actually think there is a conspiracy with some of the bigger name drugstore cosmetic brands – the conspiracy being many of these products just don’t do what they say they will do. Not to say that all high end cosmetics do the job – but its far more rampant with the everyday brands as they are constantly cranking out new fad products to one up the next guy.

That said, one product I really do love from Loreal is the True Match Super Blendable Makeup. I’ve used it on and off for the past year and I have to say it does really work well. It’s very light-weight and has lots of shades to choose from. I just use a few dabs of this to even out my skin tone. The claim that it “diffuses skin imperfections “( is true as far as I can tell.  It’s definitely a good find for the budget concious gorgeous gal.  You can get it at any drugstore/big box discount retailer (obv!)

Shopping is a sport!

When I posted about Dogeared about a week ago people went crazy for it! So, in the spirit of sharing, I got an email from Dogeared that during the Superbowl this sunday they will be giving you an extra 20% off – the necklaces retail around $50 bucks so thats a nice little discount for ya! You can either subscribe to their email list or visit the site on Sunday and they will provide the promo code. Funsies!

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How adorable is this?

Yet another fun perk of Sephora Beauty Insider. I just ordered some Hope in a Jar from Philosophy (FINALLY!) and this little munchkin came with it – its a 10 day supply of bare minerals foundation. The kabuki brush is literally half the size of my thumb. Its darling. I put my fave red Dior lipstick next to it to give you a sense of scale. Hearts!

An opportunity to try Benefit on the cheap!

Hey ladies (and gents). Today is dragging and I was sort of at a loss as to what I would post about…that is until I made my daily Sephora visit and saw that they are running a fun, limited time offer!

They are selling a little Benefit sampler for $10. Frequent readers know that I have a special place in my heart for Benefit. I know I’ve turned a lot of people onto “That Gal” primer (check my INAUGURAL post on it!). This is a great opportunity to trial a few things and see what you like. I am sure they’ve got this in store too if you don’t want to order online.  The sampler includes That Gal primer, Posietint (lip & cheek stain), Some Kind of Gorgeous (faux foundation) and High Beam highlighter. It’s definitely a good value, and its a great low risk way to find products you like. Plus if you order online you get three additional free samples. What’s not to love?

Click here to get it online!