The new love of my life

Sorry hubby – I’ve found a new fixation. Have any of you gorgies checked out If I was a dog, my tail would wag so hard and fast when I go to this site. In the words of Shop Style – it’s just like browsing the aisles of the world’s most fabulous stores, but online! You can basically put in what type of piece you are looking for and/or color and it will show you hundreds of options across the interwebs. Or can put in a designer, or a trend (i.e. Statement Jewelry – see below) Crazy! I love technology!


On top of this, the site boasts one of the biggest fashion communities online. Its a place for fashionistas to come together, build and showcase their looks. This is my favorite part of the site – because it’s some hard-core eye candy. I can’t tear myself away sometimes. I want it ALLLLLLLLLL. I seriously feel like foaming at the mouth I love it so much. I have not yet joined the community – but I am SURE my sis, lowbrow Jadey, is all up in that bizznass. (Check her out on Low Brow Style). It’s such a cool way to express yourself – and probably helps channel your inner shopaholic (eek!). I can’t tell if this would be a remedy or a catalyst for my shopping disease.  Especially because the community creators tag all their looks with the brands they are showcasing and link them off to where to get them.  DANGER DANGER! Below are a few adorable looks from the community – you need to pay a visit STAT!  Check out HISTORIE GIRL – she’s got some bomb looks.


2 Responses to “The new love of my life”

  1. 1 linds May 7, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    amber! i saw olivia newton john wearing this kate spade necklace on glee.

    yep. thats all i have to tell you.

    new post please.

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