Pretty little things

In my new quest to post more often I dug deep into the realms of my pea brain and discovered that I can post more often and just not as lengthy and VOILA! More posts, more Go Gorgeous to love.  One of my new ideas is to share the pretty little things that make me every so happy. It doesn’t always have to be about products. I am starting to diversify!

Today’s pretty little thing? Fresh cut flowers in the boudoir.  There is nothing more glam or romantic. It also makes the room feel so much warmer and more inviting. 

Yes, this is my actual bedroom. I am a huge fan of fresh-cut flowers in general as I think they are just so gorgeous! And you can do this on a budget, you don’t have to spend $50 a week at Winston’s to achieve this.

I usually hit up Trader Joes, they have a great selection on the cheap. Lots of exotic stuff that you won’t find in most grocery store floral sections.  I also have a guy who sells flowers in the financial district in Boston. He’s my summer street vendor for flowers. I get stunning flowers from him for under $15 and they last forever. He usually hooks me up with a few freebies here and there for my faithful visits each week. 

Get some flowers for yourselves this weekend ladies & enjoy! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face each time you walk in the door. And for fellas who may read this – get your gal some beautiful flowers for no reason this weekend – this will get you points for miles. There is nothing better than a guy who gets you flowers “just because”.

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