Did you know GoGorgeous delivers?

Sort of… I added a “subscribe” feature so you can get Go Gorgeous freshly pressed in your inbox. I like to cater to you my friends!

Or – if you have a few different blogs you like to follow, I recommend Bloglovin’. It sort of bites Twitter’s style by letting you follow all your fave blogs in one spot.  My every so blog savvy sister Low Brow Jadey turned me onto it of course. You can follow Jade and I there and get your daily dose of fashion, style, beauty and whatever else floats your boat in one place. Loves it.

And I promise, if you subscribe, I will be better about my posting! I let too much time lapse and I am sure that is annoying to people who come often. Gotta keep this blog factory in bid’ness yo.

1 Response to “Did you know GoGorgeous delivers?”

  1. 1 emilie January 22, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Bloglovin’ is my new favorite thing in the world–keeps me *ever* so slightly more productive at the office when I’m only checking ONE site for all my blog fixes in the ayem. Also, thanks a bit back for the tips for bangs–I haven’t bought the b&b yet, but the baby powder is working pretty darn well!

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