Bangs – hit ’em or quit ’em

I have been having this debate inside my head for a good six months now. I have been sporting bangs for quite some time and for the most part, I really like them. They do come with some serious baggage though.

I will start with the Cons first –

  • My hair grows so fast that within 3 weeks they are overgrown. They look fine but they start to get into my eyes and irritate me. This means more visits to the salon. Even though a bang trim is free, its a 20 minute drive and another thing on my to do list
  • I have a face lotion / grease conundrum. Do I not apply lotion to my forehead so my bangs do not get greasy? Or do I have perfect bangs but not do my daily age prevention regimen? I have found a trick for this HOWEVER lets save that for another post
  • Bangs make your face look rounder. Its just a fact. I happen to have an oval shape face which is good – but when you are carrying a few extra pounds as I am right n0w (sigh…..) you do not need anymore help in the fat face department
  • My husband doesn’t like them. This is a con but certainly not a deal breaker – as I am a woman on a mission. It’s my head, my hair and my face. I do take his feelings into consideration but for now – Bangs: 2; Ryan: 0
  • THEY TAKE FOREVERE TO GROW OUT! And they look awkward and mullet-y as they do so

Now for the Pros –

  • I think they are dead sexy, and they are super trend-o. They are really complimenting my style right now
  • They give your ‘do a sense of purpose – its a very specific cut and style. It makes styling very simple and you feel more coiffed having them. When I dont have them my hair is just chilling out and feeling a bit plain. I feel far from plain with my bangs
  • I get compliments out the waaaazoo when I first get them cut. Virtually everyone I run into comments on how much they like them (except my husband, poop)
  • They turn a ponytail from boooring to banging (pun intended). I really love ponies with bangs. Such a cute combo and totally going out appropriate

So based on sheer math, bangs lose.  I really do like them but I am a hair chameleon. I actually just spent time looking for a pic without bangs and realized that goes back almost to my wedding. Therefore I do think I will grow the suckers out. I just cut them last week so my impatience may win out but I do think I want to go for the change. What do you think?

With bangs (and Rybo) ~

2 Responses to “Bangs – hit ’em or quit ’em”

  1. 1 emilie82 January 5, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    oooh. please relate your solution for lotion+bangs=not greasy! I just got bang cut for the first time since I was 10. 18 years ago “anti-aging” was nowhere near my consideration. Halp!

  2. 2 gogorgeous January 10, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Hi Emilie – thanks for the post! I just followed up with my daily bangs / moisturizer regimine. Good luck!

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