Hair update

About a month ago I posted on my hideous train wreck hair that was in desperate need of professional intervention. I saw my friend Grant for a cut a few weeks back and told him of my hair desperation. He hooked me up with a Moroccan hair mask (ooooh faaaaancy) which made my hair so “silky smooth” in the words of Scrappy Coco / Zohan.

In all serious, it did make quite a difference and I continued my quest for shinier, healthier winter hair by purchasing the deep conditioner Grant recommended to me.  The product I’ve been using is Soma Reconstruct Deep Conditioner. The website boasts that it “promotes shine and gloss to dry hair with immediate visible and
touchable improvement”.  I have been using it for several weeks now and I can tell you this is a true story! It’s also made from all organic ingredients which is why I theorize it works so well!

The moral of this post – if you are going to spend some scratch on a higher-end conditioner,  go with what your stylist recommends or with a conditioner that gets a lot of great ratings on your trusted beauty websites, even if it costs you a few extra bucks. I was spending $19 a bottle on Paul Mitchell and there is no comparison between that and my new conditioner.  The $5 extra bucks were well worth my investment. Now to tackle my next issue – my WHORE-rendous roots. I look like a $2 street-walker. Luckily I am seeing Grant on NYE so I look SMASHING in the insane amount of photos I am likely to snap!

(Photo courtesy of SOMA’s website)

1 Response to “Hair update”

  1. 1 jadeylangley January 5, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Keep! Here are some tips I am bang obsessed myself!

    1. Put your face lotion on right out of the shower and keep your hair in the towel for a few, if your lotion is still too greasy try an aloe based moisturized like Aveda.

    A free trim is great! But if you can’t get up to Grant see if he can refer you to locally for just a trim. I also have some good bang products you can try.

    I agree they are dead sexy!

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