Love for the locks

Today is December 3rd – and I am already seemingly suffering from the lackluster lock syndrome some of us experience in the Northeast when the weather turns.  My hair just is not doing it for me right now. I am way overdue for a cut, which I will remedy this weekend at my most favorite salon, James Joseph. However, the issues go beyond just a cut.

I am unfortunately not one of those gals that are blessed with perfectly shiny gorgeous hair. Its pin straight, really thick but fine. It just kind of lays there. Its annoying. When the winter months come all the static electricity fun takes its toll and I end up throwing my hair up in a  pony tail at work by day’s end. Well, I am determined this winter to overcome my lackluster lock syndrome.

I was inspired by an article on Style List last week –

Style List at AOL – Winter hair care tips

To recap the tips if you don’t feel like clicking over –

1.   When washing, rinse your hair with cold water. My hairdresser always does this. It’s cold in the morning now but I am going to suck it up and try it. Second part of this is to use your nozzle attachment on your blow dryer to focus the airflow down and not across all the hair, making it look frizzier

2.  Get a great cut – and my own personal tip, keep it up every 6-8 weeks!

3.  Use an ionic hair dryer, or skip the blow dry altogether to avoid further damage

4. If you can, reduce the frequency in which you shampoo; and/or try a sulfate free shampoo to reduce drying

5. Use a deep conditioner

6. Change your product mix (add in a moisturizing product with your regular product)

7.  Own a paddle brush

8.  Add highlights to combat dullness

9.  Use a gloss for your hair

I am already doing a handful of these steps – paddle brush, nozzle on blow dryer and ionic blow dryer, gloss on the weekends (too lazy for work) and not blowdrying even though my hair looks a hot mess sometimes. This is more of a shortage of time for be before I go to work but whatever lets say I am doing it for the sake of better hair.  I REALLY need to invest in a good deep conditioner. I am actually not sure what I am going to get but luckily I am going to see my boy Grant at James Joseph this weekend and I am sure he will guide me toward a fab product.  Of course I will share it once I figure out if it’s doing the trick!

If you are in the Boston area and want to check out James Joseph I highly recommend it – I personally like going to the Medford studio as its larger and more laid back than the Boston locations. Either way though you are going to get a fantastic cut & color, especially if you go to Grant!


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