I smell like a cupcake

I do. Well, most of the time. It’s because on most days I am wearing Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Sephora describes the style of this perfume as “playful, mischievous, romantic” which I would agree with.  The dominant notes are vanilla and caramel but not in the Victoria’s secret neighborhood. Much less obvious. It’s definitely one of my favorite scents. I’ve been wearing it for the better part of four years, although in the summer I sometimes switch to something a bit more citrus-y. The bottle I am currently using must be extra potent because people have been commenting a lot on how good it smells. It has staying power but doesn’t gag you while you are wearing it like a lot of perfumes do.  I have some breathing issues and it’s never made my asthma act up.

Where do I get it? Well I was getting it at Sephora – but they also normally carry it at Nordstrom Rack which saves a couple of bucks.  They have a little purse sized roll-on version too which would be a great little stocking stuffer for a friend, sister, girlfriend/wifey who has a fun, flirty and girly personality. I am hoping to find one in my stocking too!

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