Start your day Bliss’d-out – I do!

The W Hotel is responsible for my Bliss face wash addiction. I was traveling for business two years ago and had the occasion to try their Bliss Spa samples. I may have been a touch hung over (UMM or very) and trying to wash away the night of debauchery before pulling it together for a big meeting.  When I opened the bottle & smelled how delish it was I almost ate it! Well, I was probably more than hung over, its more likely I was still drunk! I didn’t end up eating it, but I did fall in love.

The combination of the luscious smell, the exfoliation bits that gently slough your face but aren’t abrasive and the foamy goodness just cannot be beat.  I’ve been using it off and on ever since (took a break and tried MD Skincare but didnt make me as happy so I went back!).  You can obviously get it at the W Hotel but I do not condone hording and stealing hotel samples.  I currently pick mine up at Sephora – but a new Bliss Spa is opening up near my office WOOT WOOT very soon so I may go direct to the source! 

Bliss Spas – Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, $22 ~ or two for $39~

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash


2 Responses to “Start your day Bliss’d-out – I do!”

  1. 1 Vanessa Bresnahan November 17, 2009 at 11:16 am

    It’s super-light and refreshing, no residue and doesn’t leave you feeling dry. I followed it with the toner and LOVE it! Any little red splotches were dramatically reduced by the second day of use. Great reccomendation! Keep it up Gorgeous!!! 😀

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