Breathing Life Back Into GoGorgeous

Well, its been almost a year since I last posted. I kind of went off the grid with writing this blog and had in fact thought I was done. From time to time you lovely ladies lament that you wish I was still publishing. Though I found that I should add Sephora to my direct deposit accounts while doing this blog, I do miss it. So I have decided to get after it again and bring back GoGorgeous for reals!

I have some SERIOUS catch up to play, considering the duration in which I’ve gone radio silent and the amount of products I’ve been trying, buying or denying. I’m feeling particularly inspired by this GAWGEOUS day today while in NYC learning the ropes of my new gig. The flowers are in full bloom. My walk to Starbucks at lunch took me down to Rockefeller Plaza where I got to see lots of beautiful red tulips. It got me thinking of my two lips, and my need for a new FRESH lip balm! Im currently at the scrape-out-of-the-tube stage.

I love the Sugar Rose because it give you just enough of a hint of color. It’s also super moisturizing and has an SPF. This is pretty much my standing daytime go to if I am just rocking a normal day and not trying to get too jazzy. At night-time or for going out I layer a little Benefit Ultra Shines in Nude Tude.

It offers up the perfect amount of sass and shine without looking like you are trying too hard.  So if you are like me, and you play up your makeup based on the season, its time to get your two lips over to your fave cosmetics spot and try out a new spring look! Let me know how it goes!

Going off the grid

Sorry in advance, but you are getting another mascara post, and you are going to LIKE IT! My YSL mascara is near the very bottom, and you know how I feel about Benefit’s That Gal. So… I was in a state of mind that was easily persuade-able. One of my friends read the Benefit post and let me in on her ittle little secret – Cover Girl ! I am a huge drug store makeup snot. As you’ve probably noticed. I was open and willing to try it though. And was pleased with the results. The Lash Blast Luxe has a bit of shimmer and color. I got the Black Emerald. It’s very subtle in terms of color, but the brush was great, and my lashes look long and voluminous. It’s about $8 bucks, so for those on a money diet ( I need to start one STAT) this is a great economical choice.  It comes in four different tints. Hope you likes!

Pretty little things

I am having another leisurely day today, just sitting on the couch drinking my iced coffee, blogging, reading mags and such. I saw that this month’s Lucky has a ring just like one I just purchased  a month ago in the “Our Obsessions” section. I have to agree, I am obsessed with this ring! And, I love that I am on the cutting edge. It makes me happy happy.

I got mine at Vis-A-Vis in Nantucket for a mere $40! Its such a delicate yet stunning little number.  The only in Lucky is very similar and has a more hammered look to it, but is equally feminine and sweet. Its  by Robindira Unsworth for $100 if you want to snag yourself one! (click here to go to the site).

Vis-A-Vis doesn’t have my ring on the site, but they have SHA-MAZING jewelry, and tons of gorgeous vintage pieces. If you are an accessory fanatic like moi, you must pay this site a visit (click here to browse).

Ladies who liquid lunch

What a lovely Saturday. First, a luscious pedi – lucky lucky lavender OPI. Then, pink drinks by the sea, while rocking Dior Addict lip polish in 002. A day like this just can’t be beat.

Mean, mean skinny jean

Life just isnt fair sometimes. We all know this, but I need to gripe a bit about something many lay-dees out there can attest to (and I am sure a few gents). I have been working on my fitness lately, getting back into running and bootcamp.  I am toning up so I should not complain. BUTT (and yes I mean BUTT with TWO T’s) – my butt is shrinking at an alarming rate, causing me to suffer from a syndrome my friends and I call “dump ass”. Basically its making my skinny jeans be loose aroud my derriere. Its bordering on an even more serious syndrome known as “threatening bum” so I am not a total waste case just yet.  Yes,  have  coined a lot of syndromes around the ass area. Below is a severity spectrum of these conditions:

As you can see, I am putting myself low on the spectrum with this syndrome.  You will notice Leggings Bum is deemed more threatening and then we get into danger territory – Threatening Bum, Elephantitis Ass, and Swamp Ass, which is just off the charts.

So not to leave you in the dark, Threatening Bum occurs when a woman has a pancake  booty and wears jeans that accentuate it:

Elephantitis ass – ‘nuf said:

Swamp ass….well, no need for a visual here. I am sure you know what I am talking about. One more important point to make is that there is NOT a linear relationship to all syndromes. Just because you have dump ass does not mean you will graduate to threatening bum. They are mutually exclusive.

I find myself quite horrified by the situation I find myself in, however, I think as I continue to bootcamp it up and run it will normalize, and my legs and stomach will catch up to my rapidly shrinking behind. I cannot in good concious retire my favorite skinny jeans!  It just wouldnt be right! I am sure there is someone out there that can relate.

Bloggery shout out – Fitness4looks

Hi gorgies! Since fellow blogger and friend Judy gave Go Gorgeous a shout out this morning, I thought it only appropriate to send her some love too. Her blog is about running, eating healthy, fitness and losing way the only way that works – the healthy way. She’s adorable and hilarious, so check it out by clicking below !

A public service announcement from GG

Please, if you are even considering a Vera Bradley purchase …

It will save a lot of people’s eyes from hideous, vomitus patterns. Everytime I see one of these bags, my eyes bleed just a little. I am asking that you please stop these visual assaults! For fashion and humanity!